Do the Wi-Fi waves affect the behavior of the birds?

There are still many things that we do not yet understand from animals.

The biological compass for example.Many animals are known to use “landmarks” for their navigation.

But also animals that fly large stretches of sea and arrive at their destination in the dark.

Sunspots and Northern lights will sometimes make birds and sea mammals of battle.But Wi-Fi shows birds little to do. Like radio that floats all over the air.

There are many people who make their own pressure at 5g, but 5g is of course not new.

And Wi-Fi does little birds, there are several camera/Wi-Fi incubators.That are all too eager to use. And also without problems. And the city still has enough birds that remain voluntary. If Wi-Fi was a problem the cities would be first empty.

And yes there are sometimes whole groups of birds from the air… But they already did that Wi-Fi was there.

But thanks to the invention of the radar during the Second World War.Van Noordwijk: ‘ On radar images one saw sudden bird mortality by accident. Big swarms of birds suddenly disappeared from the radar screen. This always happened when the swarm came into contact with a weather front.

There are also old texts describing bird mortality.

So Wi-Fi captivates birds Little.

Wifi waves of course have a very short range, usually not even 100 meters.I think it is in principle much more interesting to ask yourself if and to what extent the waves of the GSM net affect the behaviour of birds.

And here the opinions of the scholars are very much divided.A few months ago a whole discourse was read here-unfortunately no longer knows who, otherwise I would take the treatise-how we mistakenly thought that pigeons found their way through a ‘ magnetism measuring ‘ organ.

So according to that poster (plus all the articles cited) it turns out to be a totally false assumption.

But IF electromagnetic waves affect the behavior of birds, I would estimate that the influence of Wifi waves is minimal, due to the short range.

The range of WiFi is very small because of its tiny power.I don’t know if radio waves affect birds and zoja what frequencies and and at what abilities. With a radar installation of 100,000 watts and a directional antenna you can wipe them out of the air by warming up when they come too close but a WiFi router of 0.1 Watt transmitting power can be put under your pillow by way of speaking. Your mobile phone produces 10x more. In addition, you have to realise that it is not 0.1 watts continuous but in short pulses. Since birds usually move on many meters of your house and the power of the signal drops off very quickly as you get farther away, it seems to me the chance that WiFi affects birds is negligible.

If you are looking for the effects of WIFI radiation on humans, you will get scientists who contradict each other and thereby juggle numbers and arguments along both sides.

But I can imagine that birds have different sensitivities than humans.They may be much more sensitive and the radiation is more harmful to them. But I suspect that any consequences a matter of long term will be honor they are known for.

No idea… But there is much unknown about the behavior of birds, even the orientation ability of a brave post pigeon… A lot of hypotheses but no holds stand.I would like to hear what Shabti Sis thinks of it.

Wouldn’t know.I do not know much about this subject, but I do have the impression that many who oppose it are merely opposed to it without proper justification. There are the Z.G.N. Schumann resonances whose effects reach the Earth’s surface several times a day. They are very weak and can only be observed with special devices.

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