Do smart people see life in general bleaker in? So, why is that?

It seems, according to research, that there has been done to people with high IQ, but also in people who are above average intelligent in combination with high sensitivity (although less research has been done on this).

People with high intelligence are more often depressed and so somber about life in general.They often think deeper and more about different subjects. But in addition, their analytical capacity has been developed more strongly and can make connections easier. This means that they are also more ‘ seeing ‘ what is going on and can see things quicker from a helicopter perspective.

I myself am hoogintelligent and (unfortunately or luckily) also highly sensitive.It is a gift and a curse at the same time. And I certainly recognise that I think much more deeply about subjects than many people, and I can indeed often get to it quite frequently. Therefore, I decided to keep myself away from social media and news as much as possible.

It is not for nothing that the proverb exists: ‘ Blessed are the ignorant ‘.

Being smart and being intelligent are different things.Within the intelligences there are also differences. You can be a hen in mathematics and still have an ear for music.

I’m going out of emotional intelligence.That is a poisoned gift: you have more processing skills but also more to process. That can sometimes be too much.

You can suffer by knowing too much.You’ll also see more when you handle what you know differently. And seeing more is feeling more.

That can sometimes be overwhelming.Sometimes you wanted you to be stupid and happy, but that’s not an option anymore. In Russian there is a beautiful saying: ‘ G贸rje at Oem谩 ‘, suffering through knowledge. That sums up the question well.

As Vera and earlier someone once said:

“Blessed are the ignorant.”

Not by definition, although we often see that gifted people often have it.But there is a huge amount of extra things going on there.

  1. People often skidding an X number of classes and don’t come to their peers in the classroom, learn not to be social etc.
  2. We know that if your child does not come along for a year or 4, it will be difficult to turn it on later.
  3. So we see loneliness, no intercourse with other people, retired lives.

Something I have often heard is that people often see them as arrogant OID, I have never experienced that myself I have to honestly confess, but I do not pull it out so personally if someone improved me somewhere I find it fine to learn from what other and say edg but good.

Another thing that you often hear, sometimes of the person himself is the the nihilistic I am smarter and everything is useless and I get the world and how bad it is and what not etc etc etc.I think that comes from the same but also the fact that nowadays we always hear that you have to be “happy”.

The eternal for us extending apparently unattainable goal that at the next time we satisfy our need to get to grips, O no not yet next time maybe…

Life must have value, value you give your own life and usually by taking responsibility on you, which gives you interpretation, creates value but is also working which then reflects a sense of “I have done something good”.

Very good question.I do not know whether it is smart people or rather well-known people.

What do you think?

However, being read positively also means looking at all the bad experiences..

Have you looked around you, the destruction of our planet, the rascism, hatred, fascism, the hunger and the general lead of people through the wars that are lined up for the mighty dollar?

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