Do people really have free will?

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Since a free will is excluded by the logical-physical natural laws of the universe, this finding also concerns the universe basis of life and individuals.

If individuals demonstrably follow only the laws of nature of logic and physics (more precisely: the constants), then every activity of so-called life forms, i.e. also of man, is only the result of a logical overall course of this universe.

The overall sequence is determined by the entropy/thermodynamics, which are also the result of the laws of nature.

Humans, like all other living beings, are only the absolute consequence of “free” energy levels, i.e. ultimately of energetic processes whose origins lie in quantum mechanics, with the consequence of nuclear energy in stars, i.e. also the sun, from which the earthly energy potentials (solar heat, photosynthesis, coal, lunch, etc.).

life, thinking, etc.are thus nothing more than the consequence of a strictly deterministic-logical sequence of the energetic leveling of the universe (by natural laws), whereby so-called life is to be regarded as a LOCAL appearance of its logical-constatic thermal process.

Within this framework of natural law, so-calledFree choices no space, since ALL processes of thought, in brains, computers, etc. are fundamentally determined by their micromolecular, atomic and quantum mechanical conditions of their individual functional parts, such as atoms, neurons, etc.

These are not directly influencing in their functions, simply because Perpetuum Mobiles are excluded.

The reason is that the PRIMARY nuclear, molecular and quantum mechanical basic functions of the universe DETERMINE their macro-objects, such as stones, humans, plants, etc., and not the other way around.

Each fractal, and each cell structure, clearly shows this relationship between micro- and macro-objects, with which the macro object only has the role of the follower of its microstates, and not vice versa.

Free will is therefore excluded; only the FOLLOWING (milliseconds) of what has already happened, just as every brain works/works in real life, is possible.

See also the Libet experiments with their predecessors in the 60’s in D.:

Libet experiment – Wikipedia

Thus, if man is only passively thermodynamic-logically running within a univerums, i.e. natural law-related, sequence, then this universe is not a reality either, but is only a “motor” of all micro- and macro-sequences, which WITHOUT the addition of its components, such as animals, humans, suns, etc.automom happens, i.e. without their will and actions.

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As for e.g. legal consequences of the non-existent “free will” of people/beings, societies, legal systems, laws or persons ultimately only “punish” individuals who waste energy resours, i.e. the individual or collective use, see adultery (loss of energetic care), theft, murder, fraud, etc., etc., etc.

It seems that an individual has a choice, that is, a free choice, to steal, murder or to break up.

But it doesn’t, because his decision is ALWAYS made only locally within relatively few neurons, which can only recognize and take into account a LOCAL, i.e. very limited, image of the entire possible decision parameters.

Thus, any kind of will, decision, action, etc.starting from an individual, only that he himself knows nothing about it, until the neural-autonomous decision is implemented in action, which he only observes, and the individual can only recognize after that that the action had apparently originated from him.

This then leads to the error or the misknowledge of having made the decision itself.

Societies can also only evaluate and punish local energy-related decisions, even though punishment does not change the overall course of ALL universal logical-physical processes, and thus also the judgment and judge part of the deterministic total flow.

This can also be seen in the fact that punishment is always punished with energetic losses of the so-calledperpetrator, i.e. as reparation through energetic retransmissions, or simply by excluding the perpetrator from his own further energy recovery (in prison, for example, as revenge, where revenge is implemented as an emotional program is in so-called living beings).

Matter is always to be considered physically as an energy form: E = m * c2, especially since every kind of owner-making is always associated with energy expenditure.

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