Do people agree with such a short prison sentences for such despicable crimes?

Intuitively, we feel that such criminals must be punished heavily, but we also know that long prison sentences do not actually work.4 years may not seem long, but if you have to spend it in jail, it is indeed long.

Very long sentences actually cause more alienation than for rehabilitation.In Some cases it is necessary to isolate people for good, but if we want to rehabilitate people it is best not to make the jail sentence too long.

If we assume that this man will once again end up in society then it is better not to make his imprisonment too long.

People often disagree with such short sentences.That is something I understand well. It feels very short. 4 years for abuse/immorality with a minor. I have seen this article far beyond the indignation of people. Often you hear that much higher needs to be given. Lifelong for example. Or the death penalty (I hear that too often). Often people tend to go to their own direction, to solve them themselves. Yes the punishments sometimes fall for your feelings, but there is a system behind it, so there is not always the punishment that “the people” want.

First of all, the death penalty is simply not allowed in the Netherlands.Life-long can only be with certain offences. The great example is murder. A prosecutor cannot claim more than the maximum stated in the law. And the judge also cannot deviate from the maximum.

I believe that this falls under the discipline of immorality.

As you can see, a maximum of 6 years can be given (perhaps there are aggravating circumstances that a little higher can be given. I didn’t post all the articles on it and this is not my expertise either.

Furthermore, it’s about too.Guidelines to determine the Strafeis. In this case, they have opted for the highest category of punishment.

You should also remember that the only reason is that we can punish this case, the fact is that the suspect has known.

Otherwise, the case had remained unanswered. He has also expressed regret and is therefore well known.

For these reasons, they will have come to this penal measure.You may agree or not. But such a man always comes. Free again and four years is quite long. There is little conditional so he will actually remain in jail for a while.

What my own feeling says is that I find it somewhat little, but I and the facts do not know well enough and I also snap where the requirement comes from.

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