Do narcissists ever regret mistreating others?

The Spanish painter, graphic artist and sculptor ⚡Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) had no need to express regret at the trace of scorched earth that he left with “his” wives and mistresses and with his family members until the 3rd/4th.His explanation for the continued narcissistic abuse was, “I only obey a vision that was imposed upon me.” [*

No one held Picasso accountable during his lifetime, nor in court, nor has it damaged his reputation as a famous painter to this day that he used blood art as a narcissistic-sick bluebeard monster.
Notwithstanding the publications (books, articles) of three generations of his still suffering women, it is still highly credited by the press and cultural representatives, who have largely not heard the #metoo.Picasso’s reputation as an artist is held up post mortem by art owners, museums, curators and gallery owners, all of whom benefit from the enduring and growing Picasso legend.

The self-confessed atheist Pablo Picasso was a borderline psychopath who regularly mistreated his wives and mistresses for most of his life, then painting sometimes shabby, sometimes convincing portraits of wives and lovers.

The sadist Picasso beat one of his wives until she was unconscious, another he held a burning candle to his face.

Picasso, who has been promiscuous throughout his adult life, regarded women as sexual objects whose job it was to meet his sexual needs.
He made women the court, adored them, abused them and cruelly dropped them when he became tired of them.Much of his life’s work focused on sexual issues such as voyeurism, prostitution, impotence, and sexual violence.

Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter Marina Picasso was the first member of the family to go public to report how much her family had suffered from the artist’s narcissism.

“No one in my family has ever managed to escape the stranglehold of this genius.

… He needed blood to sign each of his images: the blood of my father, the blood of my brother, my mother, my grandmother, and my blood. He had to be the blood of the people who loved him.”
Marina Picasso (*1950) French philantropin, Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, author, memoir and yet a Picasso.Life in the Shadow of My Grandfather, List, 8th Paperback Edition November 1, 2002
Picasso.My Grandfather, Chatto Windus, 1st edition 2001
Interview with Marina Picasso, “He was a monster” – WELT 22 October 2001

  1. First mistress – Fernande Olivier was dropped by Picasso – without financial support.
  2. Second lover – Marcelle Humbert has died of tuberculosis.
  3. First wife – Olga Chokhlova was cheated by Picasso, filed for divorce, received no maintenance from him.
  4. Third still underage lover – Marie-Thérése-Walter committed suicide.
  5. Fourth Mistress – Dora Maar has been deported by Picasso.

Afterwards, she was temporarily in a mental hospital. Later, she turned to God. She rejected a marriage proposal from Paul Eluard with the words “After Picasso only God”.

  • Fifth Mistress – Francoise Gilot was the only one of picasso’s lovers to leave when she realized that her suffering meant she could no longer serve art.
  • Picasso had beaten her more and more violently, but the creative inspiration was missing. As with an addict, the increase in the dose has not been fruitful.

  • Second wife – Jacqueline Roque committed suicide.
  • Dora Maar to Pablo Picasso: “As an artist you may be exceptional, but morally you are worthless.”

    Pablo Picasso on Dora Maar: [* “For me she is the crying woman.For years I have been painting them in tortured form, not through sadism, nor with pleasure; I only obey a vision that was imposed upon me. It was the deep reality, not the superficial one.Dora was always a crying woman for me. And it is important, because women are machines of suffering.”

    Patrick O’Brian (1914-2000) on Pablo Picasso: “Picasso’s sense of women fluctuated between extreme tenderness on the one hand and violent hatred on the other, with the center of aversion – if not disdain.”

    Picasso’s cleverly concealed bluebeard complex

    • “Pablo’s abundance of stories and memories of Olga, Marie-Thérése and Dora Maar, as well as their undiminished presence on the sideshow of our common life, gradually made me realize that he had a kind of bluebeard complex that prompted him to to cut off the heads of all the women – who were collectibles in his small private museum.

    However, he has not completely cut off his heads. He preferred to continue his life and to encourage all the women who had temporarily shared their lives with him to emit quiet chuckles, whether cries of joy or pain, and to make a few gestures like ragged dolls, only to prove that there is still a There was a remnant of life that hung on a thread, the other end of which he held in his hands. Even if his feelings for this or that passing had been extinguished, he could not bear the idea that one of his wives could ever live a life of his own again. As a result, each woman had to move within and not outside of it by the slightest effort on his part. As I thought about it, I realized that Pablo’s life was like an unresentive bullfight. Pablo was the bullfighter who waved the red cloth, the Muleta. For a picture dealer, the Muleta was another picture dealer, for one woman it was another woman. As a result, the person in the role of the bull thrusts their horns into the red cloth instead of eating up the real opponent – Pablo. That’s why Pablo was always able to carry his dagger free at the crucial moment to meet you where it hurt. I became very suspicious of this tactic, and every time a big red cloth appeared near me, I looked at the back of it, where Pablo was always.”
    Francoise Gilot (*1921) French painter, social critic, author, Carlton Lake, co-author, autobiography Life with Picasso [Life with Picasso, p. 242-243, Virago, paperback edition 15 November 1990

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