Do kids learn English by watching television series?

In the years 90, programs were still just English.All children’s programs are now Dutch or dubbed. Cartoons too. Not to hear and often it is literally translated from English. Then I hear they shouting ‘ do not interplay me! ‘ and then I really wonder, what idiot has spoken this and did not say at that time ‘ eh can’t this be in plain Dutch? ‘ Textually The total does not run.

What Johannes already indicates is that there is certainly also a need for training.
I already liked English from myself, so with me the gate to learn is always open.As soon as I was able to read, I also didn’t go to Dutch (in) spoken movies in the cinema. At school you also got the basics, this combined made all that you could speak English on your thirteenth plain.

My son has a small lag (relative to how it was going) because there is so much Dutch. But he too now just looks at everything in English, with Dutch subtitles.From games he learns it too, in Elder Scrolls the Npcs also talk a lot. Initially, he often pressed quests, not listening and not reading (because it is English). Then I said to him, if you want to learn it quickly, then at least let them speak the first line and read along. Then you know how the words are pronounced and you may well know what they say. That goes very well.

In the past two years, his English has really gotten a lot better, so when he gets a lesson in high school soon I assume that this can only work in his favor.I therefore believe that children can learn English by watching TV.

Yes!As proof of this, you can look at the difference between the Netherlands and a country like France. In France, most English-language television series have been dubbed in French. The result is that in France most children (but also adults) have a poor basic knowledge of the English language compared to Dutch children. This does not mean that Dutch children can speak fluent English only by watching television series. For this, it is necessary to learn the basics of the English language (grammar, pronunciation) at school.

Sure.I learned mn English by Fun Factory and Super Channel as a child. So a little four years long, twice a week four hours of English. I learned English and got another giga vocabulary

I laid my foundation by watching Soap-series and (comedy) series in English with Dutch subtitles.

  • As the World Turns
  • The Bold and the beautiful
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Full House
  • Alf
  • Family matters
  • The A-Team

No worries I came out every day and sat on judo and football.. But TV was an honorable fourth place.

Yes, there is no doubt about that.In Belgium, you’ll notice that:

In the French-speaking part of the country, series is dumped, while in Flanders you can see subtitles.

This is THE cause of the level difference between Flanders and the French-speaking region 芒 鈧劉 s

Question: Teach kids to watch English by television series?
Short answer: Yes children learn English by watching television series

Long answer:

Although people would not quickly confuse me with a real Brit.Are it even the British who think I come from an English speaking country. Nothing is less true: I grew up as a peasant girl in the countryside of Drenthe.

My parents do not speak or barely English.My brothers against this can talk a nice word. How can that be? By television series and video games. At my 7th I spoke with ease with a bunch of American students. Here and there things went wrong: Dutch is not German, but Dutch. Soul is not written as a soal, but as soul. When I was 12 I had no problem with speaking and writing the English language. I have never achieved less than a 10, incidentally, to my great frustration. No one is really happy and proud if you do the same trick constantly. In addition, it also works very frustrating when the rest of the classroom is not at the same level.

However, I do not think that this is possible in today’s society.Many video games and television series have been dubbed in Dutch and parents are all too happy to admit. “This game is still in Dutch?” “Are there any Dutch subtitles for my child?” There used to be no or little choice. A nice cartoon had to look at Cartoon Network and that was still completely English spoken. Video games There were mouthsized in Dutch. Freddy Fish, Put-Put, Redcat, but then it kept about it. A more difficult game was quickly in English. Pok茅mon, Heroes Of Might and Magic, Age Of Empires.

The result of the Dutch video games and television series is that lots of parents also choose not to let the child come into contact with another language like English.This ensures that these people never speak almost accentingly English in a later age. Dinglish is very common unfortunately.

I had a Dutch-speaking, neighbouring young boy of four who looked at the English t.v. a lot.He had no problems to understand the children’s series and laugh at the jokes that were made. So he had some sympathy for the English language, while at home only Dutch was spoken.

Depending on the intelligence, the language feeling and the interest of the child, I would say.But even in the most favorable case, you still really need a good English teacher to make you clear the grammar rules. In a child who has listened to English on TV a lot and attentively, these rules will be much easier to deal with.

Sure!It works even better if you only turn on English subtitles.

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