Do Chinese write their language just as quickly as we do in our language?

Yes, both by hand and with a keyboard, Chinese can be written just as quickly.

While pupils learn to write perfect characters in school, most adults write much more messy.The handwriting of many Chinese is not to be read for someone who knows only printed characters. It is similar to how some people drop their signature-the main lines of the characters are recognizable but possibly missing details or everything is written to each other.

On a keyboard it is actually quite easy to write Chinese with the Latin alphabet.You enter the phonetic sounds (the system is called Pinyin) and the most frequently used characters appear immediately.Since Chinese is a language with a high level of information per word/character, you can also take your point with relatively few characters.

Yes, and I know for sure that they can do it much faster.

Why I think so?

Simple, they need far fewer characters than we have letters to say the same.

Few simple for figurines?

Where we would write: The man is in a large house (21 letters)

Writes a Chinese: 茅 ‘ 拢 盲 抬 陋 莽 ‘ 路 盲 潞 潞 氓艙 虉盲 抬 鈧?忙-鈧?氓 陇 搂 忙 藛 驴氓茅 -艗 (11 characters!)

Another one, a song this time

We write in Lettets five hundred and Three (24 lettets)

A Chinese: 脛 潞 “莽鈩?3/4盲 潞 艗氓盲 抬-Those are only 5 characters!

That is also something else.When a Chinese tap an SMS on a phone, he uses his keyboard to describe a tone with our alpha bed. Ecstasy, there are surgestions in the picture of characters where he makes a choice quickly.

A Chinese is really faster than us.

Every spoken language and scripture is about as fast, provided the accuracy remains similar.The evolution in our cognitive thinking processes and expressions has now ensured that the relationship between reliable 芒 鈧?虄signal 芒 鈧劉 and 芒 鈧?虄ruis芒 鈧劉 in spoken and written language is about everywhere as much as it turns out. The fact that the actual language and notation can differ enormously is a geographical and demographic phenomenon.

Every language does have something complicated and/or something super-easy that a foreign-language can stumble on or be jealous of.But if you put those counter-or windfall together, the M.I. on balance is broadly the same.

This is for sure.Each language is more convenient for its native speakers than the other languages.

Chinese native speakers are familiar with writing Chinese characters.Chinese characters have a lot of success. As people become more and more proficiable in Chinese characters, to improve writing speed, they are accustomed to writing merged characters that are difficult to recognize (some even the writer can identify themselves).

And they also have many Steno invented forms of Chinese characters.Although these shortened specimens are not officially recognized, they are accepted and widely used in real life.

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