Did you have to get along with Hartz 4? How was that?

It’s not easy, but man can live off it.And I have internet and two 1 GB contracts for the smartphones, one I pay off with 6.99 € and the other has been given to my daughter. My electricity bill is 47 € a month and we get away with it. We don’t have any new facilities, the latest is my washing machine, which I bought 5 years ago when I was still working. I buy groceries from the well-known discounters, at Edeka, Real and Rewe only what is on offer, otherwise the discounter goods. Branded goods also only on offer. Then I put in a small stock, so until the next offer. Otherwise I am very satisfied with the no-name stuff, I also have several shops here nearby, so I can choose that. I don’t have a car, but I’m already more than a km away from the nearest shop, luckily I had bought a Fahhrad at that time. And I use that for shopping and when I have to go to the city and it doesn’t rain. If I travel by bus, I have six or five tickets with me, which are cheaper (with the 5-series I save 0.50 € per trip). Man has to pay in advance, but so Mann always has the possibility to get rid of it. Going out for dinner, ordering or going to the cinema, it’s really only every few months. But I do not smoke or drink either; and I think that makes a lot of fun. I cook a lot of homemade, i.e. no ready-made bags or dishes, and can even afford to buy milk, potatoes and a few other little things in organic quality. Also I hardly buy coke and the like, but slammed last summer, when a soda stream was very cheap on offer. So my daughter can do something cheap for herself. And I still have a big dog and two cats. It’s one thing to look around – I take all the offer indicators every week and see where I buy something. For example, I recently learned that Netto’s detergent has a very good result at Stiftung Warentest, which I will buy in the future as soon as I have used up the large bottle.

So always count.Tariff changes are also worthwhile, e.g. Check24. It’s awkward, but in the end it saves man.

But what I have learned this year is that the Jobcenter reimburses a liability (private and household goods, but also SOVD (social association – highly recommended in case of disagreements with the office) up to 30 € per month (I knew that).Now I had saved money and paid the contributions annually, and they came under the €30 rate and they only refunded me what I paid. Well, I don’t do that again. Or I can get tenant protection and I think they have to take over – I will call the SOVD tomorrow and ask.

What is absolutely annoying the most is that man is mind-m.once a year at the Jobcentre , i.e. all bank statements, etc. to show. Also, the office wanted me to move because our apartment is 4 sqm too big and correspondingly too expensive – fortunately my doctor had certified to me that it would be unreasonable for me, and that is unfortunately the truth. My daughter has the bedroom and I made a corner from the living room to the bedroom and the woman from the youth ministry (I asked for help) thought we live tightly by her standards.

I do not yet know whether I will be able to work again, although I would very much like to, but I hope for a financial improvement as soon as my foreign disability pension is also approved there.But that will drag on.

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