Did you get the job you wanted as a child?

Dear Maggie!

As a child, I wanted to become a chimney sweeper; as a young man then a gardener; my father was against it.The ambition of the fathers is that the Son must always become something better than they are.

I did the technical matura in building construction and was employed by a civil engineer in the office.

My father was a locksmith on the railways; so it is already clear what the Son has to become.At least a service manager or a board member, if not a higher position in the Tintenburg.

For the time being, I complied with his wish and was initially employed as a telegraphist.I endured it for a month, then I fled and returned to my company with remorse. 12 hours of service and 24 hours free is against any biological clock.

Then I built and finally came to a garden and thus also to a vegetable garden.

So much for my worldly career.

In the New World, for the creation of paradise, there will certainly be a need for those who like to garden.

For a long time I have been doing what the Apostle Paul describes as follows:

(1st Corinthians 3:5-7) (NW)……. What is Apsllos?Yes, what is Paul? Servants through which you have become a believer, just as the Lord has granted it to everyone.


I have planted, Apllos has watered, but God has continually allowed it to grow,


so that neither the planter is anything nor the watering, but God who makes it grow.

And I fervently hope that the truth-taking will also grow with you; I pray for it.

The NW translation declared by an American commission as the most accurate translation


The most accurate Translation of the Bible

Recently, one of the answers on the “Jeopardy” TV quiz show was: “This is the most accurate translation of the

Bible!” No one had the right question, so Alex Trebek said: “What is the New World translation of the

Holy Scripture, printed from the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.”



Author: Jason David BeDuhn is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the Northern

Arizona University in Flagstaff.He is a Baccalaureate for Religious Studies at the University of Illinois,

Urbana, has an M.T.S. in New Testament and Christian origins of the Harvard Theology School and

a Dr. phil.comparative studies of religions at the University of Indiana, Bloomington.

The nine English translations compared in BeDuhn’s book are:

_ The King James Version (KJV)

_ The Amplified Bible (AB)

_ The Living Bible (LB)

_ The New American Bible (NAB)

_ The New American Standard Bible (NASB)

_ The New International Version (NIV)

_ The New World Translation (NW)

_ The (New) Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

_ Today’s English Version (TEV)


Chapter 4: Examples of the translation of the Greek word “proskuneo”, which was used 58 times in the New Testament

is used.The word is translated in various ways as adoration, deference, on which

the knees fall down, bow down in front of them.The scriptures discussed include Mat. 18:26; Off. 3:9; Mar.

15:18, 19; Mat.2:1, 2, 8, 11; Mat. 14:33; Mat. 28:9.

In our investigation of this problem, we can see how all translations except

NAB and NW theological bias is the decisive background for the

Selection has been… Translators seem to have the need to provide the New Testament with a

To add support for the idea that Jesus is recognized as God.Regarding Mat. 28:16, 17, where

use all versions except the NW “Adoration”, while the NW uses “honorable” means: “Here

all translations except the NW take refuge in “worship” 鈥?a rendition that is

Context makes no sense… This insinuation seems to have escaped all translators,

except for those who worked out the NW.”

Chapter 5: A discussion by Philipper 2:5-11: “The NW Translator… have “harpagmos” exactly as grip

after something that one does not have, that is, a “owner’s grab”.The literary

context supports the NW translation (and refutes the KJV “did not think of a robbery around

to be equal)…”

Chapter 7: A discussion of Col.1:15-20: “It is a complicated place where every translation of words

needs to add.” “The LB translator is guilty of any

doctrinal addition, which was discussed above with regard to the NIV, NRSV, TEV and exceeds it in

even more so in this respect.So it is the NIV, NRSV, TEV and LB 鈥?the four Bibles that do not attempt

to mark added words 鈥?this is actually the most significant tendentious

Add material.

But in many public forums on Bible translation, this practice is hardly, if ever,

or even criticized, while the NW is attacked for using the harmless “other”

adds a way that clearly indicates his character as an addition to the translators… But the NW is

Correctly.”Other” is included in “all” and the NW simply makes what is included clear

and clearly… Ironically, the translation of Kol.1:15-20, the ones who get the most criticism

the one in which the “added words” are fully justified by what is

Greek is included.”

Chapter 8: A Discussion of Titus 2:13; 2. Thess.1:12; 2 Peter 1:1, 2: “… The position of those who

insist that “God” and “Savior” must refer to the same being… is crucial


Page 2

Chapter 9: A discussion of Hebrews 8:1: “we should therefore conclude that the more likely

Translation “God is your throne…,” is the translation that can be found in the NW… It seems that

probably that only because most translations are made by people who

believe that Jesus is God, the least likely way to make this verse

translated, has been brought forward.”

Chapter 10: A discussion of John 8:58: “Both the LB and the NW offer translations,

the two verbs in John 8:58 in accordance with a proper English sentence structure

and this reflects exactly the importance of the Greek language.The

other translations fail to do so.” “In the Greek original of John 8:58,

there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Jesus is quoting the Old Testament here, contrary to what the

TEV tries to suggest by putting quotation marks around “I am.”

“A large part of the translations recognize this use of a phrase “I am” and add the

Words where they appear correctly in the context of the passages.But when it comes to 8:58,

suddenly forget how to translate.” “All translations besides the LB and NW also ignore the

the correct relationship between the verbs of the sentence and produce a sentence that is not

Make sense.These changes in the importance of Greek and in the normal procedure for

a translation indicate a bias that interferes with the work of the translators

has contributed to it.”

“No one who listened to Jesus, and no one who read John in his time, would only

the expression “I am” has been inlinewithstated to a divine self-description which, if one

simply one of the most common lyrical verb combinations in any language.” “The

NW… understands the relationship between the two verbs correctly… The average Bible reader would

never suspect that something might not be right with the other translations and could even

that the error must be in the NW….”

Chapter 11: A discussion of John 1:1: “Surprisingly, only one, the NW, adheres to the

literally meaning of Greek and translates as “a God.”” “The translators of KJV, NRSV, NIV,

NAB, NASB, AB, TEV and LB all approached the text in John 1:1 and already believed certain

Things about the word… and were sure that the translations were consistent with their beliefs in the


Ironically, some of the same scholars are quick to learn the NW translation of the doctrinaire

accuse of bias because they literally translate the verses, free of KJV influence, by

it follows the meaning of Greek.It may well be that the NW translators are involved in the

translation of John 1:1 approached with as much bias as the others

Translators did.It was simply the case that their bias in this case was more accurate

translation of the Greek.”

“Some of the first Christians maintained their monotheism by believing that the one God

had simply taken on a human form and came to earth鈥?in other words, practically that God, the

Father when Jesus was born and crucified.You are entitled to believe this, but it cannot be

legitimately derived from the Gospel according to John.”

“John himself did not formulate a concept of a trinity in his gospel.” “Everything we want

a translation may be an accurate starting point for comments and interpretations.

Only the NW achieves this, however irritating that may sound to the modern reader.The other

Translations end the investigation into the meanings of the verses before they even started


Chapter 12: A discussion of the Holy Spirit: “In Chapter 12, no translation is shown to be

completely consistent and accurate in the treatment of the many uses and nuances of “spirit”

and “Holy Spirit”.The NW can score the most by correctly using the impersonal forms

of the relative and demonstrative pronouns in accordance with the noun in the neutrum

“Holy Spirit” and with the fact that they are attached to the indeterminate expression “Holy Spirit” in the few

cases in which it was used by the authors of the Bible.”

Summary: C’s can be said that the NW is considered to be the most accurate of the

Translations highlights… the translators managed to create a work that

is relatively accurate and less biased than the translations used by teams to

have been drawn up from different denominations or those created by individuals

come from.”

Page 3

“Je.hova’s Witnesses… really try to reinvent Christianity… build their system of

beliefs and practices on the raw material of the Bible without first deciding what

should be found there.Some critics might, of course, say that the results of these

habits can be blue-eyed.But for the translation of the Bible at least, there has been a

a fresh approach to the text means, with far fewer assumptions than those

many Protestant translations.”

“… most of the differences result from the greater accuracy of the NW than a

conservative translation of the original expressions of the New Testament.”

Comment on the bias in the translation: “For me, it expresses a lack of courage

fear that the Bible does not sufficiently support its “truth.”The Bible to Say

regardless of how good or bad the way in which the market is in keeping with expectations or

accepted forms of modern Christianity, is an exercise of courage or, in order to

to use another word for it, faith.”

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