Did Donald Trump do something good for the United States since he became president?

I think he certainly has a healthy influence on certain areas.I believe, for example, that in a world full of intimidating macho leaders such as Kim Jong-un, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, Maduro, etc, it is good for a world power when someone is at the head, who is going to overburden all those men when it comes to macho behaviour. He tells who the boss is and that chats do not impress him. That creates clarity and order.

I also see him as an antidote to identity politics, in which almost everyone belongs to an oppressed minority to be treated with velvet gloves.His institution is more: keep up with whining, the world is hard and if you think to have so much in your March, you have to show it.

I also think his principle that a country should keep control of who is admitted to the country is very healthy.I personally certainly believe in walls. You also owe it to your citizens to monitor the boundaries on their behalf.

What I find bad about him is that his policy makes the inequality in the country even greater.The big challenge for a US president seems to me to distribute the cake fairer, but under Trump the rich are even richer.

His climate policy is bizarre.Even if you are not convinced of the danger of high CO2 levels, it is still clear that we must kick off our addiction to polluting, finite fossil fuels.

Finally, my experience is that it takes years before you can really judge a presidency.We are too close to it. Future historians will ever do that for us.

A bit of a suicide question.Other superpowers than the US are somewhat different in approaching criticism of the rulers. That’s where you risk your life with criticism. One thinks twice before one dares to say something openly. As an engineer I am an ant-fucker, details and rules. Mathematics and Science. But there is also a particular observation. I have had to learn to not shoot directly into a cramp or shoot things straight away. That’s what the Stoicines call the 芒 鈧?艙warrior芒 鈧? You perform the battle of another without having to do anything for it. That other does not give you a touch, you had to come knocking. That’s not how it works. With aging, you learn to fight less for people who are not worthy of it. Observe and see what prediction has come out and which was wrong. We are all infallible and biased, let that be clear. So you need to look for what is predicted and the extent to which it differs from the prediction. Not to win the war, facts do little to convince a convincing supporter of one party or the other. The human mind, behavioral psychology is tremendously important to be able to interpret things. Suppose you follow a prediction that collapsing financial markets is in prospect and you also adjust your investments to that effect. If the prediction is wrong, you are sitting with the fried pears. Observing is necessary as an investor. And in many other cases, observing is preferable. Those who are busy, anxious or angry all the time, that is the one whose quality of life and that of all people is going backwards. Opinions today are non-committal, nothing is fixed, no consequences. Someone who burned his hand, thinks twice next time. Not so with opinions, one is going to look for exactly the same opinions. Reads only the media that have their own opinion. If your life or your finances are at stake, then you better be able to have the correct estimation of reality. Or it’s game over. To say that confirmation bias is the death of any scientific research. I used to read only Belgian newspapers and certainly no newspapers that wrote nonsense (do not know my one ing shared). But you have to commit yourself to hear the different opinions and facts. Then I went to read international newspapers. Even there you can search for contradictions so that one side will obscure the problems and blow up the problems of the other. Because the game is played. Whatever you may find. No one comes to ask you for your opinion. If you want to understand Trump and Hillary then you need to follow CNN and Fox news. Both have a degout way of clickbait on their websites (gossip and Salix that is often clicked on) but the main points show what’s going on. What the one brings and the other does not, or what both bring but where they both draw totally different conclusions, is particularly useful.Not to say ESSENTIAL.

Behavioural psychology

If you look at Cialdini and his book 芒 鈧?艙influence芒 鈧?then behavioral psychology is essential to understand man.The result is that whoever understands man can also manipulate man. Influence is a seller’s manual. How to persuade someone to make a purchase. Just the same with politics. How to convince someone to vote for someone. What makes Facebook, Google and consorts extremely dangerous is that they decide what to see in your browser. They live from advertisement. Advertising is nothing but convincing people to do or buy something. Every political party in Belgium has been using leaflets and advertising panels around the elections for decades. Now they do it all also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.It is about convincing.


I didn’t know Trump.I knew Hillary though, I found Obama a cool pear. At the same time, I also know that a president of Zo芒 鈧劉 n great nation has dirty hands. Every politician needs money for a campaign. Each president must take decisions that are secret and possibly disabling other people’s concerns (Mossad on Netflix is a good 芒 鈧?艙documentaire芒 鈧?. War, banks, oil, weapons,… billions are always at stake. Whoever is in power, you have dirty hands. All the time.

So the only thing you can do is observe.Who predicts what. And it comes out, or it is totally different. If someone says that a candidate has a 2% chance to be elected, it does not matter which candidate it is. It does matter to what extent the final result differs from the prediction.Am I waking up to this or gene kiandidate? Really not.

A very long explanation to avoid that the reader thinks that observing is the same as approving.It’s not the same.

What happened in 2016?

In European newspapers and various US media, Trump was given little chance.If Trump were to win, the stock market would collapse. Deportation camps are built. The Russians would take over the US.

Trump won.The fair did not collapse. And if there is 1 thing where the money wolves of Wall Street are good at it then it is money. Where they smell money, the stock market goes up. Very important to me was not that Trump won. Well who couldn’t predict it and who did. The same with North Korea where Trump through Twitter the great leader Beschimpte. The Third World War was ready. Eventually a second ontmnoeting will take place. Do I find that a feat? It doesn’t matter to me, I just watched Trump forcing the great leader at the negotiating table. Where Obama said, Yes, we can, Make America Great Again is just a variation on an recruiting slogan. Both Obama and Trump use behavioral psychology, but in two completely different ways. Looking at how to tactically prepare the game board to work towards an intended purpose, that is what behavioural psychology teaches us. Those who control this have a huge advantage over any mortal. In this sense, observing such methods is instructive. A good example of the framing (framing) of the opponent is the association Nazi and Trump of Crooked and Hillary. Putting away an opponent with an association to something particularly negative is enormously powerful. And if you can have a certain word used by all channels of media that consistently combine the two words, that is the equivalent of an atom bomb. Fact checking is hip today, and as an engineer I stand behind it for everything that has to do with science. However in politics a completely different game is played. Crooked and Nazi have nothing to do with evidence. It is the word of a feeling that resonates with certain people. And then you only realize how the game is played a world level, barely human.

The consequences of Crooked Hillary and Nazi Trump are that millions of people did indeed pass through the Ribbon by Fear (Nazi) or feeling deceived by corruption (crooked) and the 芒 鈧?艙deep state芒 鈧?Polarizing both camps is something that provokes violence. People on both sides who are firmly convinced that they are fighting for the good cause. But in the end they both compete for imaginary cases. Hillary fights for herself and no one else. Trump fights for himself and no one else. And the rest of the crowd is being manipulated. Read Karl Marx, read Kafka, read Greek and Roman philosophers. Bread and games. Divide and conquer. There is nothing new under the sun. You have been played my friend.

In the years 40, 50 and 60 the church in Belgium determined what you were allowed to think and what not.Which books you can read and which are not. Also today you may have an opinion that about everyone finds the right one. Another view has to be censored. Whoever it is, the church, the community, the media, the censorship of the opponent is always the crucial mistake that detonated the case. I have no sympathy for Trump opponents or Trump supporters, it is only shocking that violence, denying access and other harassment are OK as long as it is against the dissenters. The goal justifies the means. That is the wick in the Kruidvat stitches.

I am not delusions, reason has long since started flying.It is hard to suppress your opinion and try to observe. That takes time and effort. Meanwhile, we in Europe are bought up, 25 years have not made any work of integration (I challenge you to move from one EU country to another, then we will speak again) and the money is all made up. It hasn’t gone to infrastructure. It hasn’t gone to real research. As an ASIC expert, I see the US and China compete for power in AI. And the Europeans have no opinions about it, but they don’t play. That is a crucial mistake that Europe will regret in 20 years ‘ hard. And then one comes off with 芒 鈧?艙how we could science it 芒 鈧?and 芒 鈧?艙afterwards it is easiest. Well, I say it now. Just as I predicted 20 years ago what the debt mountain was going to do with Belgium. I am absolutely not a fan of the Netherlands and also not an opponent. But keeping the budget in order is something that the Netherlands can do and Belgium does not. The Dutch have always said with the national football team, we are going to win the World Cup. Overconfident like the Americans. But darn, that mentality makes it possible to win something. The sober Belgians watched the Dutch. But the Netherlands has international companies. Belgium does not (Inbev does not count). The Netherlands respects the Maastricht norm. Belgium is not. But to say that this sobriety and that realism Belgium has not brought anything. The US and the Netherlands though. Aim for the sky, go for the moonshot, it’s nothing but BEHAVIORAL psychology.

Thanks, Quora user, for the question.

Alas, he has not caused war and quite a few Americans feel understood by him.That’s both positive.

And the last paragraph of Helene Hoegsbro Thygesen is so nice that I just repeat it here:

芒 鈧?艙as far as domestic policy is concerned, I would not know.But a broken watch has twice every day the right time, so it would be a strange coincidence if there are not a few other Trump measures that have unpacked well. 芒 鈧?p>He especially gives the appearance of doing something right while he actually harms a lot of damage.

Take for example Trump芒 鈧劉 s comments on NATO.For many Americans, it is proof that Trump finally puts those European profiteers in their place. People with a bit of long-term vision and background in international relations 芒 鈧?”read: Not the Trumpelector 芒 鈧? know that it is mainly the VSA that takes a huge advantage from NATO 脙 漏 n that a number of countries, including mainly France, are eager To set an alternative 芒 鈧?”without the VSA. This together with his lack of dossier knowledge and arrogant attitude ensures that the VSA is more and more left.

Or take Trump芒 鈧劉 s policy to turn back a lot Of environmental regulations.In the short term that obviously gives the feeling of more freedom, less rule neverij. In the long term, the price is very high.

The division within the USA is greater than ever, and Trump also consistently plays in it, rather than doing something about it.Meanwhile, the other superpowers are increasingly going to run with the cake. 芒 鈧?艗divide and heers芒 鈧?really applies here and the American voter stood there and looked at it.

The problem with populist measures is that the consequences will only become clear in the long term.Each politician is partly engaged in perception; They must do this if they want to stay in power. Like many popusts, Trump is, however, a 漏 Nkel with perception.

As a Dutchman residing in Colorado (which is predominantly on the hand of the Democrats) I come across amazing many people who admit (on somewhat muted tone): 芒 鈧?艙Trump芒 鈧劉 s an idioit, but he芒 鈧劉 s not been bad for us at all. 芒 鈧?/p>

Fewer rules and more money on your bank account at the end of the month.That’s what I hear from many Americans. And that, of course, is good for everyone, apart from what political opinion you keep on.

The Washington post has two nice articles about it: The 10 worst things Trump did in 2018 and the 10 best things Trump has done in 2018.Nicely balanced, it seems. But Trump mainly does a lot of damage for America.

But if you read everything, it depends on personal opinions.His meeting with the leader of North Korea, for example, has been a special moment because he shows that America wants to negotiate best for peace. A gesture to Kim Jong-Un that the US is not out on a total war. The way in which he puts Russia, Syria and Iran under pressure also seem to strike some. Not everyone is positive about this, but he does something.

Anyway, whatever he does, he will always be squat by his opponents because politics in America is working so far.The Republicans and Democrats seem to be huge enemies of each other but still need to work together to control the US. And that’s a lot of trouble for quite a long time, and both sides actually have a monopoly position within the US. No other party has enough influence to be effective within all 50 states.

I find Donald Trump a clown who is placed as a puppet in the White House to distract attention from things that the Republicans are now secretly dealing with in the background.A magicians-truuk, actually. Everyone now looks at Trump and so many other Republicans have more opportunities to act because no one measures on them. Governors and mayors can now all adjust and add rules and people ignore this because Trump this-and-that.

But then there is also this article: I ‘d welcome Donald Trump’s impeachment, but he has gotten these 20 things right

Clear language.Trump has to be dropped off, but that doesn’t mean he has managed to do some good things. In particular, the unemployment rate under Trump fell below 4%. Da芒 鈧劉 s the lowest since 50 years! Is not entirely up to Trump but he was the POTUS at the time.

But the most important thing is that he has shaken up politics in the US equally well.Many more people are suddenly aware of politics and are now going to deepen themselves. People who used to have no interest in voting are going to think better in 2020. America will survive Trump and become stronger by it.

But Trump should be able to stand up for a number of wrongdoings and potentially criminal activities before and during his election…

In the foreign area Trump is not doing so badly: Trump is not doing badly abroad

Withdrawing from Syria was perhaps a good move.In any case, it saves some money. I honestly don’t see what interest US has in Syria either. Since that was not an animo to the war 芒 鈧?艙winnen芒 鈧?(whatever that could mean) it was perhaps better to leave the mess to the Russians.

That he has put pressure on Europe to spend more money on military is perhaps also seen as a winner from an American standpoint.

Recognizing Jerusalem as the main stat of Israel can also be a good extract.It gives a clear signal that the US does not intimidate itself by the anti-Israel flow in the UN. Of course we knew this for a long time, but it has to be repeated occasionally. But well, the verglasshouse of the embassy is purely symbolic, and it is expensive and awkward. So I wouldn’t have done it. Just plain saying that US recognizes Jerusalem as head stat but the embassy remains in Tel Aviv for wonderful reasons.

Better relations with India seems good to me too.Pakistan is a pretty crappy ally of the US so it’s not bad for Americans that Pakistan is now under the influence of China. It is much more important to have India as a loyal ally. Be careful that the India-Pakistan conflict does not blow up again as a part of the China-US power peel. After all, the two countries have kernwappen芒 鈧?娄…

As far as domestic policy is concerned, I do not know.But a broken watch has twice a day to time right, so it would be crazy coincidence if there are not a few other Trump measures that have unpacked well.

Tariff agreements China is a very good move, stimulate domestic production and thereby employment, withdraw Syria, policy Tov Venezuela-the biggest crisis in the world since years-, reduce import, rollback Obamacare, Disarmament talks with North Korea and revised NAFTA.. Stimulate USD and control immigrant flows.It is clear that it is a very active, business-minded president and he thinks of his America. The news is governed by bad reports about his person, but I have never experienced anyone who is so systematically and decisively pursuing policies.

He has made sure that the Democrats are even more united and active than ever.

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