Creole Surinamese (who often descended from Nigerians) and Moroccans have more in common than they know. Surinamese often have Moroccan-Jewish blood and many Moroccans have for a small part Nigerian blood. What do you think of this and did you know?

You can better replace “Nigerian” with (West) African negroid.Most African countries are artificially created by Western colonial superpowers and therefore no separate cultural/genetic entities. They did not even exist at the time of the slave trade.

And yes, that’s tangy logical.The Berber and Arabs who built Morocco also had dark-colored slaves from Africa south of the Sahara. Take a good look at Moroccans, they are really a lot darker than Persians, Kurds, Turks, Syrians and other light-toned Muslim peoples from the Middle East.

Humanity originates from Africa.That means that we are all for 100% of African descent.

I knew that and was historically explainable.Sephardic Jews fled from Europe to South America and became active in the transatlantic slave trade, among others. The Arab slave trade brought people from West Africa to Morocco.

It’s what it is. Many Turks have to their amazement 10 -25,% Greek DNA.

Nice and very interesting question Yfigres!

Yeah I was aware of it, also given my background lines in the family.If we go very far back in history, then there were no continents that were later created by landslides. Africa is on Asia after the largest continent on Earth. Therefore, it is also not surprising that Suriname, Marrokko even Tunisia and Egypt bear influences of Nigerian tribes who have spread in history across all continents. Morocco bears a beautiful culture of North Africa, French and even Spanish influences and that you see back when you are there, you may well know better than me. Suriname lies on the border of Brazil but also carries in addition to Latin influences also deep Nigerian lines. Coincidentally, my brother has known someone of Nigerian descent who travelled to Suriname together with him and the deeper he entered the inland the more the language he learned from his tribe could be understood and eventually this Nigerian Simply communicate in his own tribal language with an Indian tribe in the interior of Suriname. This was also a very wonderful moment as he said, because you do not expect this. What do I think of it? It is a good thing because eventually when you study all the lines of DNA structures, we all come to the discovery that no one is purely of breed. My sister, for example, has done a test and her DNA has 15 ethnicities with which she has also contacted the people belonging to her family tree. And that’s a very nice thing. May sound odd but the roots of our DNA are very complex in history and if you are going to study that you will come to very fascinating facts.

How do you get here?What are you proving?

Do you have a link to a published research or an article?

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