Could you forgive your partner if he/she turns out to be cheating?

Is what partner and how he stands.For a spouse, different rules apply to a friend. At the last I do not think of exclusivity at all. However, I expect him to do it safely if we have agreed that we do not use a condom.

At a spouse I would forgive if he had done it discreetly in principle but I had discovered it very coincidentally and it is not to blame him and he continues to do normal and friendly to me and continues to be good father and partner.

It depends on the rest of the relationship, but basically.I have also had experience with open relationships. The sex with others I find no colony. However, any lying that often involves cheating.

This is very subjective all.People are so different in character. The one forgives it quickly the other is doing it for years. Yes years. I might forgive but never forget. I see it already for me. At the first the best quarrel I will get old cows out of the ditch. Because I want to? No because I am so.

I have therefore very clearly agreed with my partner that this would be the consequences if it ever happened.

Cheating is not ‘ oops I fell, slipped and had sex ‘.No though. I am assuming that my partner is intelligent enough and is firmly in his shoes. He has a free will like most people and that means the will and the act that are in most cases matched. Even in a drunken mood you don’t just go to another in bed. Unless you are forced.

I’m not saying that everyone is perfect. People make mistakes.I would just be very hard to live with it. Principle issue. I know 100% that I would never do that. So well I know myself on this subject or again.

So no I wouldn’t let it go by so easily.If you are too easy, they think they have come away well and do it again.

once a cheater always a cheater ‘. Or that’s true I don’t know.

Although I might be depressed without my partner, I would not forgive it soon.He really does have to go on his knees. For a while. I’m pretty hard. Tough love.

I also have too much pride in letting this Avishek go by.It is what it is.

As Beyonce sings in her song ‘ Sorry ‘ would you rather be jealous or crazy, or be walked all over lately ‘.I Rather Be crazy.

No.I made it more than once, forgave it for the wrong reasons (to believe all logic in BS stories, fear of finding no one else) and know that my forgiveness did not improve.

I no longer want to hear that she was too much on it or that she cared because the guy was so pushy.The only story I still believe is: it seemed like a very nice, attractive man and I saw it all sitting there giving him a chance.

I do not want to pass the stage again a relationship that will always remain damaged for me, to keep it on the leg.I know anyway that the infidelity I try to forgive at and later time will be the cause of the fracture.

Yes.Not that T well unpacked in the long run (or vice versa for that matter) but yeah. For me T is not t end of the world, everything should be put in context.

I would certainly forgive my partner.I think the openness and honesty of how my partner comes with it is important. Lying to me is absolutely taboo because that is precisely what causes the trust to be verned. Being honest I personally find a solid basis for accepting cheating.

If my partner is cheating (and that is happening) then I expect him to come along with him and not that I have to come back or hear it from third parties.This is a psychological mind-fuck for those who go weird. At first it seems to do secretly and not confess/admit the best reason to maintain a relationship but in the end that is just the opposite.

Honesty, openness and talk ensures understanding and acceptance of the situation.My partner knows that and precisely that makes our relationship stronger. Even within our relationship, one person needs more than the other, and as a partner you have to be able to deal discreetly and comprehension with it.

It is not that my partner with Jan-and-Alleman dives into the bed because that would also mean the end of our relationship.It depends on the situation, where and with whom you are somewhere that something could happen. I understand and accept that. Cheating doesn’t seem to me to be a no-go for a relationship right away. A relationship consists of so much more than sex/love/tension.

If I were to have a partner, no, it had been directly over with the relationship.

That is what it means and what I think of it.Beautiful women now receive more attention and are sometimes also a little naief.

Between going apart and staying together is a very broad spectrum.It depends on how the other will behave what the consequences are before I forgive them.

No idea.Is a number of factors. How often, how far have they gone and does it go through?

Seems to me something I can only answer if it actually took place, rather not.

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