Could the Netherlands continue to maintain 17 million inhabitants if the country were to become a full autarky and therefore no more import and export takes place?


Energy, water and some food?Few thorium reactors in the Marker worth, some vertical agriculture, a Haber Bosch factories for the nitrogen balance, what desalination factories, hardcore recycle and ready Kees. Fits easily all.

Does it cost what so why would you?Meat continue to eat, or gasoline cars continue to drive, for example, is a thingy. Is it all together about just such a silly idea as flying to Mars.

No, there are too many people living on a too small plot of land which is also a substantial part unsuitable for intensive farming.

Even if we all go on a vegan diet we wouldn’t save it. (Livestock would be needed for fertilization anyway. Fertilizer also does not come from home soil) The current agricultural production is based on imports, especially of fertilizer and livestock feed.

Since the Middle Ages, our basic food (cereals) has been imported.First from Eastern Europe, later from North America. The economy of what would later become the Netherlands was already on export and import.

No, a culture that does not change is doomed to death. You can only know your own culture if you also know other cultures.

The Netherlands is too small anyway to become autarkic.Although agricultural production is high enough, we do need fertilizer that we need to import. Furthermore, the economy in the Netherlands is heavily dependent on international trade. Much of what is produced in the Netherlands is for export. If we are going to make everything just for the own market, we have a much larger supply than demand, prices drop, produce with loss, crisis.

Practically and even theoretically not even with consessions not possible

  • 1 km2 agricultural feed about 125 people meat/vegetables/cereals/fruit
  • 1/4 km2 of this is used for cereals/vegetables/fruit for human consumption
  • 3/4 km2 of this is used for feed to provide meat production
  • Dutch agriculture and Horticulture area is about 50% of the country (21000km2)

This means if all the Dutch would become vegetarian, the country can feed at most 10 million people.

As it is now, at most, food for 2.5 million people if one would only switch to agricultural products for food to provide humans and animals (meat production).

That has been impossible for centuries.We were right there to put links around the world. Especially for import but still export.

There we have become large and rich and powerful, as the Netherlands.Like some other countries: England, Spain, Portugal, Sweden a time, etc.

The enforcement of those IM and export elsewhere in the world was Bon Ton for a long time.You needed an army for that. After decolonization, this has been replaced by cooperative cooperation .Which works much better.

Violence is always a destruction of economic value, of all parties.By useless weapons, defense, sustain armies, etc.

Cooperation is always generation of economic value. That you have to divide politically.

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