Cats and dogs lick each other and people to show affection, but people don’t lick people to show affection. Why is that?

Cats and dogs lick when they are small on their mother’s nipple to stimulate the flow of breast milk.Also the mothers lick their kittens and puppy’s clean.

When they grow up, they do not do this, of course, but the act of licking is associated with safety and satisfaction so that it becomes a social act.They do so together and in people to show affection.

I don’t know so much about cats, but dogs also lick the muzzle of other dogs and of people when they are nervous, if the other is aggressive or anxious. Then it’s a suzzling, somewhat submissive action.’ Please do it quietly. ‘

Perhaps people have ever had these acts, but we stand upright and have our hands free, and we can also talk.So we have a lot more choice in our communication than a dog or cat, who have to do it with licking while we have our words and hugs.

Incidentally, there are theories that our habit of kissing each other has the same origin to mothers breast, and because our earliest feelings of gratification come from here we are also going to do it as a social act.Here I dare not be positive about it, but it is an interesting hypothesis.

-Cats and dogs do not lick each other to show affection, this is simply one of their ability to communicate.

-Which pathetic former boyfriend has ever made you think that people don’t lick each other?People do this well and often with full conviction.

As Vanderveld said, they (the animals, L.A.) do not necessarily have to show affection.

As for the second part of your question and the answer from Vanderveld: Have you ever watched a baby?Not an infant, but such a spice that propt anything and all in his mouth? If you have limited opportunities to explore the world around you, then all resources are welcome.

Even adults do this.How many times have you not licked something, which you did not know with certainty what it was? A detective who tastes a suspected white powder and the scientist who licks to a strange substance are well-known clich่Œ…s in films.

So, adults lick too, but we also have other ways to find out something and probably we have more often a wrong decision letting beaches on our tongue, only after we had done a series of other tests.

Finally.About licking people is spoken with some trepidation but… I can say by hand on the heart that people do not lick other people (here not in the sense of Vleien, L.A.) to show affection. In this case, however, there is some technique and the right environment.

People kissing.You can see this as a form of licking. In addition, “real” licking is done in the business of sex. I am thinking in particular of the tremmy, but there are also other places.

Sometimes I try to give my wife a lick of.But if this succeeds she screers hard that she likes that very nasty.. ๐Ÿ˜€

People hide their body odor behind daily waxes and deodorant.Any association that the human body is actually very animal is not being done. People see themselves as higher than animals and “don’t want to smell and taste each other” fits in that alley.

People keep a great distance to each other, other than bonobos who use physical contact and sexuality as communication.

The emphasis of human communication lies on the spoken word.Other forms of communication are not preferable, except perhaps seeing non verbal expressions.

What I mean to say that primitive forms of communication (another let you know that you love him or her by giving this other a lick) is so highly associated with animal behaviour such as sexuality, that it is therefore no longer by people for ‘ G Ewone ‘ communication can be used.When someone in the train would look at you, walk on you and start licking your ear, you would generally see it as perverse and more or less sexual behavior. Seems to me.. 9-3

People have some more communication possibilities than cats; In any case, as far as we people are aware of us.However, cats may wonder how we communicate with each other without a tail. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And I might say something about that one another, but on closer inspection I see it; You understand that without further explanation though.And yes, that has everything to do with affection (as for me anyway).

And then cats do not.So here we are.

Kisses and licking are I think related.It is expressing both love with a delicate part of the mouth.

Where cats and dogs lick, we give people kisses.We even give our pets kisses, where we get a litters, hugs and cups for recovering; We will return hand-caresses for that.

We do basically the same thing, but our bodies work differently; And so do it just in a different way.

Father Cats would not have agreed with you.When he caught a kitchen maid with her freer, he said: “Lightning, what Liktsem!”

We do so otherwise hugging and kissing are sitting together.Something more damaging too. Technically, we all start as mammals as babies that all hang on the nipple but then divide it. I think that’s because we still have a different way of communicating next to the physical. Animals bark or meowing but that is rather limited they need to have body language. Tongue Nipple baby Behavior Nourishing so tongue adult behavior to show that they are not dangerous. I am not a biologist think it is this with combination of instinct. People have lost instinct

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