Can you train your brain to regenerate new cells to prevent aging through subliminal messages? What does this mean for the future and people who don’t want to be old?

When it comes to advice on the impact of advertisements.Am I the ones who can help you with that!

The question is very spiritual… Pure faith cannot help you with immortality.Everyone dies at the end, some longer than others (I come back so far). This is because of the biological body we work with.

Of course, that’s not the only factor that determines how long you live.Partly has to do with how it stands with your psychological wellbeing, how you eat and whether you are physiologically active.

However, it is odd that some people are busy every day with how much they eat and move and still die afterwards at an age of the normal person.Think of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. He died at a fairly young age. This is by making you too busy and overthinking too much.

I also have to admit that the attitude of unconsciousness determines how you stand in life.Your unconsciousness is the long-term memory, it is stored there during our growth. We create cultural and gender stereotypes that we can be convinced of for life. What starts with a small idea within the brain, later has big consequences outside (the butterfly effect). But in contrast, consciousness works differently; It is more of critical thinking, is skeptical and negative. Also this is the short term memory. He will refuse all that consciousness does not agree with. Then, ideas don’t get the chance to grow into major consequences.

You can say that our unconsciousness knows more about things.So also how to eat and how to be physiologically fit. Everything you need is stored there. Well, the question is how we use our unconsciousness to make more use of human potency. But first add a quote;

How blameless is the happy Vestal’s destiny!

The world forgetting, the world forgot. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned.

What does this quote mean?It’s the answer to happiness and never having to worry again. View

  • The unconsciousness is similar to your right brain half.

It is creative, spontaneous, based on experience, the senses and emotion.

  • Consciousness is similar to your left brain half.
  • It makes sense, of black and white, factual, critical, of hard thought, ect…

    If you want to take advantage of your unconsciousness, you should not withhold yourself and start thinking too hard.. Let the unconsciousness go his way, follow your intuition and forget the subject of old age.Because the more you think about old age, the more use you are going to make of your consciousness. And consciousness does not have the answer.

    The reason why some sporty and healthy people do not always live longer is because they are too busy.But someone who does not worry about well-being has a better health as a result, and may well live longer afterwards.

    Well I can go on for longer on how to exploit your unconsciousness alone, this text would be very long-wintful… So the conclusion is to drop the subject… You may think about it but don’t get too fixated about it.

    Well about advertising and what you claim to use ‘ subliminal messages ‘ to accelerate old age…

    I don’t have the exact dates to prove it, but it has been proven, however, that it has no effect on the unconsciousness that fast flashing texts bring people into action.

    Subliminal messages are still being used.But these are different than we know. It is a term used in the NLP called ‘language patterns.‘ With these special phrases you can convince people at an unconscious level.How this works is by distract consciousness, which means that the assumption from that phrase flies past consciousness. As a result, the assumption is assumed to be true by the unconsciousness.

    Here is an example of a language pattern: “Since we talk, you will find that we know each other better, because earlier I didn’t know that you were doing football.”

    Consciously you may be distracted by the last subject ‘ You are doing football. ‘ But you may have flown totally over the head that it is assumed that you were talking; ‘ Since we’re talking. ‘

    Always useful when interacting with someone who doesn’t say much.That only works when he does not think skeptical, and when he notices nothing. These are the kind of tricks that are often used for advertising. I never watch TV myself but yes there may be some language patterns used by face-screads which assumes that you feel old. However, I am not sure because I never watch television or advertising.

    What does this mean for the future?Well just more dilemma and people who are going to consume it in my eyes. I have ever heard somewhere that advertising is the biggest cause of uncertainty. All you can do to counteract this is by being aware of the fact that advertising tricks are used.Be skeptical about advertising…

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