Can you imagine Seehofer as Chancellor?

so I have to say quite honestly 3 years ago my brain has been cut out because of lack of oxygen I don’t worry much about the politics for that Angelika murksel was the first chancellor she actually did her thing not badLy I you can’t always do it all right but otherwise she didn’t let the funny USA intimidate her and let the soldiers be nice ly at home as well as that is I can judge I was for six years at Germany’s biggest costume club in blue on a big grey ship and this ship was even for a time the flagship in the Mediterranean frigate Karlsruhe relief missions are made by almost every soldier rather than saved rather than kill because combat missions are just shit not knowing if you tomorrow still there for a few toads more fortunately no one had to take orders in crisis areas we have asked them then you want there because your oath you have done on the defense of the FRG and I say syria Iraq Kuwait was damn far away from the actual RemittablyAngelika Muxel has given up her presidency which does not mean that her successor who will take over the chairmanship in her party also immediately the next chancellor I will have for my part my own opinion about the different parties the CDU and maybe also with the CSU so I always try to keep money in Germany not necessarily for social projects or social aid and the inhabitants of Germany make these things again more the people of the SPD who is the next chancellor Becoming Chancellor is of secondary importance to me that ministers also understand their job because I am in favour of the fact that a defence minister or even a minister should have served at least 3 months in uniform to keep the structures within a sub-force force understand so bad she also did not do her job but I also think to myself a family minister or a family minister and in doing what I say now Chile I more on the male so the minister should have at least a family with 3 children which also the man in the Parental leave for a few months alone has provided that this person has definitely experienced in his own body what it means to care for a family and by that I do not mean bring the money home n枚 I wash my laundry the household keep clean such things therefore are the ministers more important to me than chancellor or chancellor in peacetime is chancellor or chancellor of the commander or commander of the entire Bundeswehr, which is why Helmut Kohl has so often and gladly shown himself in uniform out of solidarity with the soldiers of the Bundeswehr and to show that he is the boss and manager of all this overweight pear which would not even have come into the lower decks at our ship through the hatches over the re-energises and ladders and I think in a tank he also hasn’t fit in by the hatch a about these are other stories I am no longer in the hierarchy is that so that the chancellor picks the chancellor herself her ministers then I probably wouldn’t care who is the top of politics in Germany

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