Can you have a relationship with someone you don’t physically attract?

Almost all old people succeed in this. You do not make me point out that old men are mostly old women and vice versa.

Yes, people don’t like to hear.But I’m old and really not attractive anymore and I have a fine and loving relationship. And I see that all around me. If we become ugly ourselves, we just lower our standard unless we are rich of course. Then a relationship with a younger, attractive, partner is not ruled out. This applies to men and women.

Jaa that can.

It’s a relationship that keeps you complementary in every area.

That there is always a spark, that makes your love even more exciting and beautiful.And that time does not play a role.

That physical aspect is usually just pure Lust.You know you have nothing to such a person, because the spark is so extinguished.

If you fall to the physical aspects on someone, and for the rest there is nothing to do, then of course it will not be!

They say so.

Unfortunately the eye also wants some. But then one speaks of lust rather than a real take on something. As true infatuation disappears within six months to two years. Then there is adhesion. So it had to be able. There are enough relationships of the past where people especially women were not allowed to choose their spouse. He was chosen on the basis of status and such. If they were ever happy with each other, I don’t know but they didn’t divorce either. Nowadays we do how our zint so that changes.

Frankly, I do not think it is a good idea.I have already mentioned that I did not feel attracted to anyone at first sight, but that the attraction grew over time because of their personality.

I do not recommend it, but it is true that there is a very important lesson behind it.

The appearance is not everything and the inside counts as much as it does.

But on the other hand, I know that it is important to be very honest and dare to go for what we love.

On every jar fits a lid and that is also the case with regard to our appearance.

We learn that it is not OK to be honest about it and that it makes us superficial (and somewhere that is so) but a man wants what he/she wants because the heart desires it.

If your heart really desires a certain type of appearance then you can easily embrace it and be honest about it.

Tastes differ and that’s okay too, because otherwise everyone would go for the same people.

What I’ve learned is to give a person a chance anyway.

So be sure to get the most out of it and learn something.You will find the rest there.

I assume the question means a sexual relationship-and then I can answer for myself: No, I can’t.Or maybe I do it, but I don’t like it-it’s quite a lie. And I think you are unhappy with it.

Masturbation is a better option.

Love makes blind, right?

I see a lot of unattractive people that the answer must be 芒 鈧?虄ja芒 鈧劉 *.And we all know the experience that an unattractive person with whom we long pull up becomes less unattractive. You go through it as it were, you are going to see other things.

But maybe this is the reason that sex for many people is banished to the dark Night and night hours: a lot of clunky 芒 鈧?虄late at night in bed, in the dark.The worst place 脙 漏 n the worst time for sex but yeah-better than nothing.

  • No, I shouldn’t have it from m芒 鈧劉 n looks either.

Oh, absolutely.

If you find someone special and exceptional, then you, however unattractive you may find him or her objectively speaking, can find someone by themselves beautiful.

It is very nice and exciting to see someone you find special and exceptional, up close.That gives a sense of intimacy that transcends every purely physical attraction.

Of course.The question is always what a relationship is. An enmity is also a relationship. You can be friends with someone you don’t physically attract. But it’s even possible to have an intimate relationship with someone you don’t physically attract. The relationship can also float on factors other than appearance.

I can only answer this question for myself.

My experience is not (so far).I’ve had some really nice dates with a very funny, intelligent and fun man. We clicked on a lot of areas. Maar芒 鈧?娄 I really did not feel it attractive physically. He was not ugly, but also not handsome. The latter certainly does not have to me and it is totally subjective who you find beautiful or ugly of course. But I just couldn’t imagine that I would have sex with him. I still think of it… so of: Could I have been able to get over it? Because I also know that I’m always going to find people 芒 鈧?虄mooier芒 鈧劉 as I get to know them better. With the learning of a person, and finding his inner beauty, the exterior becomes even more beautiful.

With another date, with whom it clicked very well, I went further.I also found him physically not really attractive. This has therefore been a fiasco. Best to actually.

So to a relationship it doesn’t even come to me.Maybe that, if I take longer time, that might be. That I am slowly going to find someone so鈩?N beautiful man, that I can also let him come physically close.

The sex component makes it tricky.I can’t enjoy a body what I don’t find appealing. That doesn’t have to do much with the look. This can be odour, a certain motor skills, the skin color or texture. It’s pretty subtle what makes someone physically attractive or not.

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