Can you count on your family in moments of panic and despair? Have you ever had such a moment and who came to help you?

It is actually exactly opposite.In moments of panic and despair, my mother is going to shoot even worse panic and I have to be there for her and to help her. That’s why I don’t tell her until it’s solved. My father is no longer there but he would focus on my mother anyway to help her, because I was always stronger in my shoes. My son is still young so I’m really just there for it.

In the first instance, I will always count on myself.When I want to mirror something or hear a different opinion than my own, I ask my husband. He is very different from me in many respects so he can always provide me with other angles, and vice versa. For mental affairs I don’t need so much help, I can often give a place quickly. Practically speaking, help is always useful.

When I was just divorced I got a heavy throat infection.I was out of the running for almost three weeks. (I’m just once in so many years really sick happily).
My parents took care of my son during the period and that was very welcome help, otherwise I had sick on the street and even worse, he also got sick.Then you will notice that you are ‘ only ‘ a lot more vulnerable.

Later, my parents helped me with refurbishing my new home after the divorce.They were free at that time and I just had a new job on a temporary employment basis. I would certainly lose if I did not focus on that. While I was at work, they pained my house. I had given them permission to buy things that they thought needed and that I would pay them back every month.
That’s the first time I borrowed ‘ money ‘ from them.The idea I found terrible, but months do about refurbishing, that couldn’t, my son also had to have a place and that besides work, alone, that was way too heavy. So I had accepted their offer, but only provided that it was refunded as soon as possible by me. Already pretty soon I got a better job at the same company. Within 3 months I had my parents paid back and I then treated them and thanked and made another weekend ‘ spa ‘ gift.

So yes, luckily I have people (also no family) I can count on when it really comes to it!Pretty much actually, now I think about it. In turn, they can also count on me:)

I can count on my ma and my sister 100% who will always be ready for me there I do not have any fear or despair moment for it

God came at that time in my life.

Half a year ago.We are not so that we walk the door at each other flat. But when it comes to it we are there for each other, regardless of the differences

Family always helps us but we must learn to help ourselves.I am more helped by my willpower and thought. I want to tell a true story here how a boy born in a wrong family has taken his life in hand when he was 12 years old. He has called for child protection himself because his mother was a drug addict and his father was a drug dealer. This boy has taken so courage to improve his life. He went into a foster family where he sought for love he never had. After two families he found the right mother who could really give love and good education. He went to study and now an entrepreneur has a family with 2 children. He has been able to handle a lot of pain during puberty because no one can accept and forgive those kind of parents. He has visited the father in jail and talked and now he is a positive person who does everything for his family. What I have written here is that the family can help you with proper parenting and mental support but everyone should know the boundaries well what can they give you and what should you do. There are many conflicting feelings among adolescents who curse their family why they are not rich? This is a stupidicity of a greedy mind that has been caught in materialism. If your family has the foundation of education can give and a simple life can lead with honesty and love than the task and the mission of the family is fulfilled now it is your job to take care of yourself. A good family is an oasis that you can rest and give energy but you have your brain that you can say what is good and evil. Follow your guideline to become human beings and do not fall into the trap of materialism. Do you have enough brains to study? After the study do you have a goal to work? What now a family based on real love….. this is the life and the common thread that everyone pursues smartly and healthily. Family is the key to success if you have gotten love with this luggage can overcome everything. Family is not a trampoline for riches and if someone is born wealthy but he must fight to become a human. Being human is our challenge and our mission in life. Some people who have had no luck are still in their third age and still need to learn humanity. Finally, I would like here two wise quotes the one from Aristotle; ” Doubt is the beginning of Wisdom” and of Seneca “setback is the best opportunity to show than one has character”.Love and do what you want.

There was no flurry of panic or despair.

Dutch He. Stay calm.

Don’t know exactly how long ago.After returning from NL last summer.

Skype and WhatsApp are almost always in contact.So not really different.

I believe I asked for help last summer when I was in NL.And Mn Dad said pretty soon after OK.

He saw the evidence against Mn ex, and he knew right what was going on.Something that was very hard to believe without proof. Because he is the best actor walking around.

Yes my sister and mother.

I can always count on my aunt.She can talk well with people sitting with something

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