Can you connect two computers together? And if so, how?

The simplest way to connect two computers together in order to be able to sharen or change files on the other computer is with an Ethernet cable, the same cable you use to connect a computer to a router.
Because this configuration does not have a DHCP server (which is usually in a router), the network cards in both computers will give themselves IP addresses in the range starting at to 169,254,255,254.This type of connection is called “Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)”, or an ad-hoc connection.Since each network card has its own identity number (MAC), a single IP address can be generated for each network card, to prevent two network cards from accidentally dialing the same IP address that causes an IP conflict And then no connection between which computers in this network can be created. Google but APIPA……

You can share the writing space of different computers by creating a storage network.For example, you can set up NFS or CIFS servers/clients, or with tools like Hadoop. Many software packages allow clustering of calculations such as databases (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle), search engines (SOLR, ElastocSearch) or projects such as Apache Nifi. In addition, there are generic clustering software environments in many forms Comparison of cluster Software-Wikipedia.

Yes.And it is called “clustering”.

This is one of the basic concepts for supercomputers: A series of interconnected smaller computers that divide the calculations between all.

A popular kind of clusters is Beowulf.You can even build it with a series of Raspberry Pi:…

That kind of house-garden-and-kitchen clusters are not very practical today, except as a study project, because you get more computing power with multi-core Cpus. But the underlying concept is the same as for the large supercomputers that, for example, calculate climatic models and predict the weather.

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I would first like to know what the control systems are of those two computers, since you are using it coins should I conclude that you mean (l) Unix?Well there I know too little of it, but it will just like with Windows have something to do with the right users and Passwords and network shares.

If you can pinch an ethernet cable with connectors, this is possible by creating a so-called “twisted pair” cable.Each computer must have a network card. With a regular Ethernet cable I haven’t done this yet, but the other replies indicate that this also works.

With old computers you could also do this with a serial cable or with a parallel cable.Nowadays the computers have neither gates yet.

You just don’t specify what you want to accomplish with pairing the 2 computers and what you want to use it for.So depending on what you want to achieve there are various solutions.

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