Can someone find out where I live by using an IP address?

Not without further ado.

Your IP address is given to you by your provider and it depends a little on the provider, whether it distributes the IP addresses locally or rather regionally.

If you have done something ilegal, the injured party or, in this case, the police authorities may instruct the provider to assign the IP address assigned at the time to a customer account.And that’s where your address is.

Some providers regulate this very laxly, so that even police authorities do not come to this information, welcome to the reality of the glass citizen.This is, of course, a breach of data protection, but our ‘data protection officers’ are protecting me, I have the impression that at the moment we are actually protecting the data rather than the people behind it. And that is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do, this law. #Neusprech

It should also be a law to protect civil rights in the digital world, but the Internet is currently a civil rights-free area.This is primarily the responsibility of current politics, which is precisely what all the parties involved have encouraged since Schroeder and more or less, so we are now where we stand. And I can’t certify to any party that has been involved in government in any way over the last two decades, even the slightest interest in protecting civil rights in Germany. This can draw conclusions at the next election. When one’s own fundamental rights are important. But they are obviously not anyone. The greatest mockery is #neuland, and that actually says everything about the complete incompetence of the elected legislators, an incompetence that is bipartisan and massively damaging to our democracy.

When a provider gave out my address, I immediately canceled it and changed.That even made sense at the time, today I would probably come from the rain into the eaves. There are practically no more providers in Germany that somehow stand for civil rights.

Counter-examples are often taken in the comments, but I do not know any.

If you want to protect yourself from this, you need to use VPN or the Tor network.However, this makes your traffic much slower and increases your ping considerably due to technology.

A website to find out the geolocation of your IP can be found here.And many other information pages, which I don’t like to link, because the spread doesn’t make things any better. And with 10鈧?”processing fee” you get practically everything out of a human being by now. Which, of course, is highly criminal. It should be, I’ll improve here.

There are also other services (the most accurate I could find) that you can query to find out what you can learn about yourIP.

Otherwise, there is metadata about you, which can be cross-referenced via cookies or other methods, so that, for example, using Google Maps when sniffing out the cookie by an XSS attack on your browser leads directly to your front door and other Methods that then become more and more illegal and work unreliably.But illegal in this sense is quite shitgal in Germany, at least if you are on the side of the parties that seem to make a joint cause directly with the big corporations. Violation of civil rights enshrined in the law in Germany in recent years has had fewer and fewer consequences for criminals. This is particularly true on the network. The SEK will open the door to you when you complain publicly about these circumstances. We are moving towards a totalitarian democracy and that is very worrying. After all, only the name remains of democracy.

In addition, some routers have saved their IP position and you can query them from the outside (if you can address it directly) and then there is the Google Map for WiFi networks, where a certain, well-known WiFi network can be mapped quite precisely to a geolocation.

But these are all advanced methods that would go beyond the scope of this answer.

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Thank you for the question.I hope I could help.

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