Can people change their personality or do you stay who you’ve always been?

Wikepidia says the following regarding personality:

“The personality is also described as the unique and stable pattern of psychological and behavioral characteristics which distinguishes one man from the other.Simply expressed: the way in which someone deals with different situations or the characteristic behavior pattern that someone exhibits in various situations is the personality. Research shows that the personality can change over the course of life due to life events. “

So I see myself and others.

There is quite a bit to scraping off, but another personality is not in it. A few times it occurs that a brain hemorrhage yields a changed personality, but that is exceptional.And in dementia, people can come to behaviors that we do not know of them-painful if a previously neat lady turns out to be sexually unreamed.

Definitions and differences (from the loose wrist)


Your natural inclinations and perception.Are you introvert or Extravert? Emotional or rational? Male or female? I say so: You can’t change, you can get more or less yourself at most.


The way you think and act, interact, react and deal with your own character/behavior, your environment, relationships and circumstances.

Adulthood and spiritual maturation

To what extent your personality is able to function in a functional and balanced way.

Development of personality and adulthood

Your development is influenced by three factors: your genetic code, your formation and your own choices, plus the interaction between those three factors.

This is also often a stumbling block in relationships: we want to change characters, from ourselves or others.There is nothing wrong with it to develop or expect any adulthood from others, provided we respect the intrinsic individuality of the other.

Sobriety also means to say that every human being has at least two or three weaknesses in his personality, say, but neurotic signs.There you can pick up the sharp edges of it, but remain inherent shortcomings. Full mental health and adulthood are therefore an illusion.

In Christian-Theological perspective

You could also speak of sanctification instead of “being yourself or becoming yourself”: separating the chaff from the corn, becoming human as you really mean, to give and receive in relationships.A piece of art is already in the stone block, the mess still needs to be chopped away.

That is, in my opinion, somewhat different from religious or moral conformity and submission or short wicks of own uniqueness, rather a question of reflection, wisdom, love, relativification and focus on essences.The right to individuality, without hindering others, but rather encouraging them.

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I myself and know several people with a non congenital brain injury (NAH).

I have been communicating on fellow sufferers for 8 years and a big deal is that personalities change through brain injury.

Because of the damage, most are much more unsophisticated and more precious.

When you look back to the past today, you realize that you have changed a bit over the years.You know to what extent your personality and your tastes have changed. But if you look at the future you don’t think you’re going to change much.You expect that you will stay the same.

Researchers show that we always think that the present moment brings together everything that came before us and that we will no longer make the mistakes of yesterday.But that is not true.

For example, a feather often looks back on herself as a teenager with a mixture of fun and regret.

But what we do not realize is that our future selves will look back and the same will think about us as a forer. At any age we think we ‘ last laugh ‘.And at any age we are wrong.

Why do we do that? If you believe that you have just reached the pinnacle of your personal development, then you feel good, it gives you satisfaction.Should you think all the time about how transient your preferences and values are then you would more often doubt your decisions.Change also often causes stress. You think you are not going to change and that makes you more confident in your judgments.

Naturally, we are rather conservative and lazy.Researchers have also demonstrated that you usually do not do what brings you joy or what enhances your expertise. No, you just do what is easy . It is incredibly difficult to overcome our habits to do what is easy.An active leisure activity, for example, is much more enjoyable, but it always requires a little more effort, such as getting the bike out of the garage, or driving to that interesting lecture,…

In one way or another, change will occur in your life.You can embrace that change, make your life better, or pretend that it does not exist and hope that everything turns out well.

Why do you not embrace that change often? Often because you are afraid to fail.And yet: It’s never as bad as you think. People usually overestimate the extent to which painful feelings affect them. Making mistakes is also a way to learn and improve.

So, no, you probably won’t be the person you expect to be in the future.But that’s a good thing. You can be b茅ter than today.

You will look back and smile at the mistakes you made.Anyway. So make those mistakes: mistakes you can learn from and grow from.

Wouldn’t it be disappointing to look back on your life to see that it has changed in nothing?Embrace this change and make the most of it.

By a disease personalities can change.Or by old age.

And with the deviation like Pseudo logic Fantastica, which is a psychic abnormality, people can have multiple personalities.

Every day your personality changes, only your frame of reference always remains the core that draws the whole of formation as a gravitational field.Everything we perceive with our eyes, hear, feel, analyse, smell and study, in a thousandth millisecond, gives an unconscious change in our brains that want to save, match, compare and eventually add to our Recognition patterns or in questioning them. This will cause questions.

Some people have a personality disorder and that is using therapy indeed to change.

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