Can one believe in all religions?

Hello Thomas L. Horvath!

The Bible distinguishes between the true religion and the world empire of the false religion.I have already given you the proof of the credibility of the doctrine of Jesus Christ through the Messiah prophecy.

An essential feature of the false religion (Revelation 17) is its connection to politics.According to Daniel Chapters 7 and 8, wild animals are emblematic of political powers; and on a wild beast Babylon rides the great.

Excretion procedure with respect to christl.Religion

based on the Bible


Point 1 ) The devil is the head of the political powers; all religions associated with politics (human rule) do not belong to the true religion


Point 2) Philosophy is man-made wisdom and has nothing to do with divine wisdom

1.John 4/7,8

Point 3) Any religion that stamps God to a hell god blasphemes God and belongs to the wrong religion


Point 4)Any religious community that encourages warfare does not obey this divine commandment


Point 5) has a church that forbade the layman from reading the Bible in the mother tongue acted in the sense of Christ?

2.Moses 20/2-5

Point 6) a religious community that worships images belongs to the wrong religion


Point 7) a Church does not follow this counsel of the Apostle because it has turned a brotherhood into a hierarchy


Point 8) it does not correspond to this biblical idea when members of Christianity became rulers

Purgatory is not a doctrine of the Bible.but is borrowed from the pagan religion. With this doctrine, the Church has been greatly enriched by the indulgence trade.

Point 9) it does not correspond to Christian thought when a pagan doctrine was introduced into Christianity and used to enrich itself

Easter and Christmas originate from pagan festivals that were “Christianly overpinned.

Point 10) it is incompatible with Christian doctrine to mix Christianity and paganism (1 Cor.10/21)

In early Christianity there were elders (presbyters) and servants (deacons) but no priests.

Point 11) The introduction of a Christian priesthood (spirituality) before the thousand years of the reign of Jesus does not correspond to the biblical doctrine

According.1.Tim 4/1-3 is a marriage ban a doctrine of demons.

Point 12) the prohibition of marriage for a particular group, namely the clergy (celibacy) – is not in accordance with this biblical statement

Peter, considered by the Catholic Church to be the first Pope, was married

Acts 15/29

Point 13) The permission of the Church to eat or transfend blood does not comply with this apostolic instruction


Point 14) if in some translations of the churches the name of God is replaced by the words “God” or “God”.“Lord” is replaced such a does not sanctify the name of God

Romans 13:1, 2.

Point 15) Churchmen who rise above the worldly authority do not obey this apostolic order

2.Moses 20/2-5

Point 15) of a church that, in its Catechism, cheats away the second commandment on the worship of images and makes two out of the last commandment, in terms of honesty, not much to keep

The authority of the papacy was established by forged documents, as Ignaz von D枚llinger revealed (book : “the Pope and the Council” under the pseudonym “Janus”) and confirmed by the Jesuit Hergenr枚ther in his book “Antijanus”.

Point 17) an institution based on forged documents cannot come from Christ

(Romans 13:1, 2)

Point 18) there is not much to keep of a church that has risen above the secular authority and appointed emperors and kings

Jehovah’s Witnesses can pass this biblical test and thus identify themselves as the current ground staff; moreover, since the prophet Daniel makes it clear from his words that the true Christians of the Last Days would be Biblical scholars (Da.12/4,10).

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