Can children get a corrective tick?

It is very questionable whether a child understands the corrective aspect.You punishes. The correction in it does not escape me. Will we agree that a corrective tick is a form of laziness? And impotence?

Correcting is of course fine.But then you do not punish. Then you will learn the child something. And that’s a lot different.

Would you accept a “corrective” tap from your partner or from your boss or whoever?No!

No, physical violence must be avoided at all costs and must be avoided.A tick also has little to no effect, or did you think that the last tick would really be the most late?

Besides, you can only give out a tap to children.If you, a little overconfident, gives a tap to your growing adolescent, it might be that “Tikkie trug Jaap” does.

And still, children 1.90 m big and 100 kilos had to be born heavily I don’t think you would find it any good idea.

Children should not be taught that you can supposedly achieve something with violence.Violence is also usually a sign of impotence.

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It is an expression of your inability to convince your child somewhere.

Not really necessary if you can correct them with your voice.

I’ve had a figuratively shaken my youngest because I got angry because he walked the street further.I had my hands full of groceries and it was a busy Steenweg.

Later I comforted him because he was very startled but until a year later I can still remind him of that event to indicate the dangers of traffic.

As a parent, choose very well when you want to make pressure, otherwise it loses its impact.

I think this can be the same as the child itself is violent. Then there is essentially a confrontational tick.”So it feels what you do!” You should not repeat this.

Also, you can give a child a tap, or even a hefty blow, if it does dangerous things.Just imagine that it wants to pull a boiling pan from the cooker. Rather a nosebleed than life-long mutilated. b

If children are in glands while eating, you can also set rules.It’s more of a cautionary finger that shows you, but you might also touch their hand with that finger.

Saving as an educational method does not help.Better reward than belittle. “You do that well!” Furthermore only spanking, where you, behind the back of the child, do not hit the buttocks but on your own hands. ‘ Here Billekoek! ‘ Paf! Paf! Paf! And laugh.

If your children are systematically slain, as an educational system, you grow frighty and obedient children.As long as China has not yet reached North-West Europe with its civilization offensive, this approach seems superfluous.

Look, kids can be quite annoying.But it is unethical to use violence. As Liset indicates, violence is also not tolerated by a partner or a boss. If you are allowed to correct/punish your child by force, what does your boss at work against to give you a pack of Rnmel if you ruin it again? Or the police/Government give you a beating as punishment because you have once again been driven by red?

Either expect a corrective tap back.

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