Can atheists be converted to Christianity by getting them to read the Bible?

I am a devout Christian.But I would be the first to say that this is not a good idea. Because there are many places that seem quite horrible at first glance without being accompanied.

Here is just one example:

Yes, God smashes the head of his enemies,
the apex of him who lives in sin.

The Lord said, “I bring back from the Bashan,
I bring back from the depths of the sea.
Your foot will bathe in the blood,
the tongue of your dogs get its share of the enemies.
Your God has commanded you.
Reaffirm, God, what you have done for us,
from your temple, high above Jerusalem,
where kings pay tribute to you.
Threaten the beast in the reeds,
the rott of bulls among the calves of the peoples!
Step down, who are looking for silver!
Destroy the peoples who are killed in battles!
Give power to God!
Above Israel his highness rises, his power protrudes to the clouds.
Fearful are you, God, from your sanctuary,
he is the God of Israel, who gives power and strength to the people.
God be praised!

From Psalm 68 Unit translation [1

It is not without reason that the Church has developed a very detailed exegetical tradition that serves as a lens for interpretation 鈥?a spectacle that offers historical context and a broad consensus in interpretation.Road signs on the path of faith, so to speak.

The Bible is not intended as a single reading, but as a collaborative task of interpretation.No one should read the Bible unaccompanied, and one should always resort to tradition in order to avoid misunderstandings 鈥?or to avoid following charlatans who propagate stubborn and violent interpretations of the Bible.

Christianity itself is communion and it is the community that is to win man through exemplary behavior and mutual love, not the Bible.

The question is, how do you want to “get” them to do it?If they have no interest, leave it. It even explicitly states in the Gospel of Matthew:

… if they do not take you up and do not want to hear your words, go out of that house or from that city, and shake the dust from your feet.

Matthew 10:14 Unit translation [2


[1 Psalm 68 – Unit translation 2016 :: BibleServer

[2 Matthew 10,34-35 – Unit translation 2016 :: BibleServer

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