Can an adult autist get bored and experience little feeling, except being bored and angry?

* This is purely from experience.I am not a psychologist.

From this question I understand this; ‘ Are there adult autists who are especially bored and experience little feeling?Can that be with autism? ‘

This is my answer;

* Please note that I am extremely personally able to confuse some confusion because I am very confused.

Hello!I am MelinaJulia, I was bored continuously earlier, from me 10th to 15th I said ‘ I always bored me.Except when I breathe. ‘ And so it really felt. In everything I did there was always a feeling deep in my body that was bored. Something just felt like boredom.

Background story;

I have diagnosed autism and identify myself as H. S. P’er.For the rest, my supervisors said that I probably had a dysthymic disorder. I can and could connect me so well. That I now also so appoint. That dysthymic disorder works so with me; It started as a real depression as a child. Aggressive and all the symptons that I was depressed. The aggressiveness left clear when my parents gave me more space. Disorder remained. It is also hereditary, my father (as I took so many things from him.) had depression as 20 ‘ er (he was also a big party beast so that was a shock at the time.) and I now have that in my couple.

By with the answer;

I always bored me.I also had an internet addiction and often went to anime conventions (for me, anime didn’t really get out of it.) and all of that did not work so well together. Boredom went on and on. It escalated. I really liked almost nothing more, in terms of TV I could always look through.. But that’s more automatism I guess. (4 year old who looks two and a Half Men, Top Gear, Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons. I’m used to things.)

After a while my disorder got worse, and I was notified to an autism group.Had it there TOP. For adolescents living in/around The Hague between 12 and 21 who have autism.. GO TO THE PIER OF THE JUTTERS/YOUZ. It’s really top. I really got to know myself a lot more through a social way! Okay, promotion moment passed. = D

Eventually my dysthymic disorder became less, and less and less.I was already through the first phases, the fiercest. And was now a 16 year old Smurf who became more and more positive! I did have real dieps occasionally, but the thing is.. That’s okay. It is absolutely okay to have a ‘ Blegh ‘ Day! Especially if you have to keep yourself strong all week to not respond to certain things, whether you have sensitivities for things or just the incentives. So, sometimes I’m going to be very lazy on the couch and just enjoy that dip. That is allowed. Delicious. As long as you keep eating, everything goes well.

Because yes, that was also boring.Eat. Until I discovered that sometimes things just fall into the pit of oblivion. I do feel that my stomach is empty, but it just shoots oblivion. And I work that! (Tips welcome so.)

What have I done against that boredom?

Well the thing is, I was that autist without real great interest.I know, particularly. But I really didn’t have it. Yeah, I knew a lot about lots of things.. But had no main interest. Now I’m. Everything with watercolour. Everything with painting, incl Handletteren. Everything about the most beautiful fairytale books (must also be with 24 fairy tales..) All about Greek mythology incl the funiness of some situations. (Thank you podcast Mythunderstood!)

I’m all fond of it… You might wonder; ‘ Do I really have a great interest? ‘ Everyone has that to be honest.Autism or not. I know as an example everything about painting material (especially watercolour and markers) but the other one knows all about Brexit, the best mattresses, the human body, Star Wars, anime, manga, comic books, hugs. Of everything. There is a lot. Find something you like. Can help!

Hopefully I’ve helped Somew.Now I go on again with stressfull about which alcohol marker paper I should go to buy (and yes it is at this time Super late. Sshh. )

Good night or a nice day!(:

Or someone in the spectrum:

  • Experience little Feeling
  • Is bored
  • is angry

The short answer is yes that can.

Realize what you are describing may also be symptoms of depression.It corresponds to apathy and mood swings. Adults with ASD have high comorbidity with it.

Boredom is also common in people with AD (H) D.A quarter of the people in the spectrum have this.

If I read the question, it looks like it’s playing more than just ASD.

It seems to me that everyone can experience something like boredom, certainly also a (mature) autist.I don’t know if there are people who experience little feeling except boredom and anger and when this is the case, this happens to have something to do with autism. From our own experience and in the experience with other people diagnosed with autism, it is actually not so noticed what feelings there would be and not with someone, but there was never only boredom and anger. I know of myself that I really don’t have some feelings/emotions or can’t understand (me says ‘ pathetic ‘ and ‘ adorable ‘ nothing and if I ask another autist to it I also don’t get any sense of a clear explanation-but that can also make communication , because communicating the feeling as an emotion or verbal explanation is something else and more difficult than feeling, sometimes I experience it, but I cannot put it into words, and sometimes I do not know what I feel when one asks me. If this is about an individual in your own environment, try asking them or finding out why you think he/she can only be bored and angry.

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