Can a person live without a fellow human being?

There is a nice thought argument from a private who starts to calculate at some point, for example, to determine the amount of nuts he had to hoard for the winter.In winter, he sits in his cave and begins to think about numbers. He wonders where they actually come from, because he never saw them. So there are invisible things where something can come from. Then he notices that his thinking comes from there and begins to think about it. He discovers that he is reasonable, by whatever reason he knows much about the visible world. But how can it be that the visible and the invisible somehow are connected. Who or what makes this? He comes to a power that is more powerful than both, by combining the two and in which Privatus has created this extensive fan. Suddenly he feels his infinite loneliness to sit alone with this glorious thought. He wonders if there is something similar to him, who also grasped this idea, because the power that this bond and the knowledge of it has created in him is more powerful than him, which is why there must be several like him. If one recognizes a greater power, it must unite in several recognizings in such a way that the discerning reality in its multitude is balanced with this power. There can be no more power than it expresses itself in the many individuals in their interplay.

The private man therefore sets out for rational reasons to find another, like him, in order to join with him, and in it to become equal to that power which has created in him those many insights.He finds this other and both exchange their whole being, in which they both celebrate the power to which they have to thank their knowledge.

But they also remain alone in it at some point and set out to find more of their own.At some point, the whole person realizes that they are alone, because despite the fact that they all exchange, they are still inferior to that comprehensive power.

Suddenly, someone grasps the ingenious idea that the problem can be solved by simply removing nature orrecreated itself. People start building machines and enjoy the beautiful nature these machines order for them. “Another cup of coffee,” the Mschine asks, and she swoops. The beans are also dynamically produced from machines to the deepest DNA of the beans. At some point they forget their language, because the machines recognize their thoughts. More and more, people are becoming like babies, who are cared for by the machine world. People feel lonely again like the private, with which it all began. The pain that man suddenly feels cannot take away any care, nor can man relieve it from his own existence, for he has no other existence but to be the mere purpose of machines. The felt pain becomes unbearable, like that of a terminally ill person, and the man wants to be redeemed one last time from his loneliness. Then the machines kill all people.

Beautiful story?

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