Can a person be hypnotized and let him forget who he really is?

Basically, I can answer the question with “YES” and will gladly give a little insight into my life.

Hypnosis is also interesting for the majority of people, something that is fun and entertaining.

But very few people don’t deal with it, and when it does, they want to be able to learn and perform hypnosis “very quickly.”

This, however, is far from the point of thinking that it does not work “sometimes by the way”.

For my part, I have always been very interested in it and have been willing to learn this with seriousness.

In 2010 I learned in Cologne with a well-known hypnotist ,hypnose and he was a very good teacher who promised not utopian things, that you can use it immediately and thus help “all the world”.

When I started to deal with it more intensively at home, I found more and more interest in it and of course I wanted to try it out.

Only where , to whom , that was the question.I also had stage fright as a bloody beginner.

So I told an acquaintance about it, which was a very heavy smoker.

He then volunteered as a subject and I didn’t have a hard time getting him into a trance, because he was also ready to do so and got involved.

He wanted to test me if I was able to help him with the “step to not smoking”.

And yes, it worked well,because he stayed with me for about 3 hours and he had no appetite for a cigarette during that time, not even at least a little.

Even at home, he no longer smoked and days later he did not.

It would have been unthinkable for this man that he could spend only 30 minutes without a cigarette.

Of course, I was very proud of my first , for me at that time , already great success.

A few days later, I took my daughter aside and after a short conversation with me, she was ready to be hypnotized by Mum.

I had fun with her.But, I shouldn’t have it so easy.

A few times I tried to get her into a trance, lying down and relaxing on the sofa at home.

I couldn’t, because I also felt that she was way too excited, too curious, she was only 13 years old at the time.

That’s why I decided to use a different type of hypnosis (flash hypnosis).

She then sat in a chair opposite me and said confidently:

“Mum, you can’t do me” and she smiled like a rogue.

But that shouldn’t be a 30 sec.My daughter was in a trance, sitting and still had the smile on her face, so quite cute.

When I wanted to experience the result with her, so simply “among us”, I thought, “I should hold this and reached for my phone and filmed the result.

I want to show how much fun hypnosis is, but also that hypnosis is suitable for forgetting something.

Whether it’s your own name or where you come from, it’s not that difficult.

However, there is a need for some knowledge, responsibility and also a serious interest if you want to succeed.

And everyone should remember that you can give a certain power to people who are masters of hypnosis.

So please be careful and it is always good to know in whose hands you are going.

For this there are serious hypnotists !

I hope i have answered that question.

If you are interested, the small video can be viewed.

Hypnosis fun – “A finger is missing.”

Have fun watching my impromptu video from 2010.

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