Can a narcissistic personality disorder in a person come to an end completely or is it a permanent disorder without remedy?

I am a person who has never underestimated the power of his own choice.No one is born narcissistically in my experience, but chooses the way of selfishness in which the own needs are top priority above all.

Narcissism is a great sign of immaturity.Sometimes also a piece of ignorance. By this I mean that the person in question cannot realise how relationships can flourish in a beautiful and open way. Instead of giving love a chance to willingly give it, narcissists demands this love for himself. They may have been taught as a small child to get certain attention if they are going to behave in a certain way. For example, keep for the candy for the sweet until the mother says yes. If this behavior is the same, a seed has already been planted for unhealthy behaviour in future relationships.

The word narcissist is now easily awarded and stamped on you.While in some cases it only involves very immature behaviour and a lack of knowledge to build healthy relationships. I myself have become very cautious in expressing these terms because they are people of flesh and blood.

In order to come back to your question, I believe that everyone can make a new choice every day and come to a turn.Sometimes that happens only when something real happens and when something very animal perch is taken away from someone. Often, such a person feels so fragile and broken that he/she begins to think about herself again. There is always hope, but there are also limits, which each one should put for themselves, especially when you have people with this disorder walking around in your own environment.

I have NOT written this answer myself, I share the answer of another person who wrote it for another topic.I copied it and keep it in an off-line file because I too am confronted with that problem.


R Soul, studied clinical psychology and Psychotherapy responded on 22 January:

“If you heal a narcissist you will keep a depressed person.” (Free to Beyaard, former physician director of the Pieter Baan Centrum)

Keep that in mind.Narcissism is the defense of depressive. And let’s be orphans, you may be better narcissist than depressed.

Main feature of a narcissist: a greatly increased chastability.Rejection, criticism, not recognizing the greatness: it can lead to tremendous rage attacks. The anger is meant to keep you in the harness: Acknowledge me as very special.

Narcisten can wreak tremendous damage in their anger, also to people (hence the P.B.C.). I know them from my forensic practice.’ Cure ‘ is a big word. ‘ Bijschaven ‘, that’s still going to be. In an EVT psychotherapy is not the krentability, but the feared depression is central. A job of years.

So the world of perception: fear (not to be recognized as grand), directing (How do I keep the other there, lest I be recognized) and the eternal feelings of depression that are in the background.A difficult life, both for the narcissist and his/her surroundings.

There is improvement possible if the therapist succeeds in gaining confidence from the person with the narcissistic personality disorder and carefully manages to deal with such someone.Most of them do not come to therapy themselves, but some do so, because they have, for example, become depressed or do not see life anymore.

Clinical psychologists are often the appropriate treatment for people with this disorder, as they specialize in treating complex problems, including personality disorders.It requires a special approach.

There are also group therapies that are good for people with NPS, such as schedule therapy.This is aimed at processing and understanding (the consequences of and reactions to) childhood trauma.

In addition, MBT (mentalizing) can help.In this form of therapy, a person learns to get a grip on his emotions and understand why he or others react in a certain way.

For instance, there are multiple therapy forms that can help.It is nonsense to say that no person with NPS could come to an improvement, because in some cases this is certainly possible. There are also a number of English Quoranen with NPS that follow therapy and improve books.

Although improvement can be made, there will always be weaknesses in the personality, but the quality of life of such a person (and its environment) can be significantly increased by means of therapy.

Coming to an end sounds like it will disappear by itself if you wait long enough.

This will never happen.

There will have to be a hard work, and the narcissist must want it.Usually they don’t want that at all. They find everything quite as it is.

They themselves do not suffer what they call others. I have read that they can feel, but their heads are so full of their own problems, that other people’s problems they have caused, that they do not have a place for them, and which thus slide on the side.

My ex has been to the psychiatrist, and now I know that all he told that psychiatrist were lies, from the beginning to the end.The only thing my ex was in was prescribed pills. Because he is also a druggie. He uses practically everything that is on the market for sale. Self-medication.

I think all those drugs and sex are all self-medicating. That was also the time for him.When we watched TV, and a man suddenly went strange from a woman he was so in love with (on TV). I was amazed by my astoniveness, after which my now ex just threw out: ‘ Oh, that means nothing, he’s just depressed. ‘ That is exactly what he does. Only I didn’t know that yet. I found this answer did not fit at all to the image that he always reflected me back then.

No psychiatrist can help you get better if you are not honest about your problems.There are also very few psychiatrists who are passionate and good enough to cope with this and make progress. The psychiatrist we were going to only wanted to get paid, and talked to my ex. A kind of cosy kabambi talk about cycling, and that the psychiatrist still love it. Cycling. And he was also a kind of hippy-like man, which also did not help. You have to have someone who can look through him, and he appeals to him what he sees, but still accepts him for who he is. Or something like that I think. And then know how to treat him. Specializing in Narcisten.

Before we were together, my ex was also in treatment because he crashed because his ex wife left him.But I also suspect that he was totally unhonest. About virtually nothing. I don’t know if he knows what’s wrong with him. Because he was very scared when he went to the psychiatrist for the first time. He was so scared, he even wanted to say off. He was afraid to be trapped. So he knows that something is very wrong with him. But if he knew he was a narcissist, he wouldn’t be afraid of it.

Only in his case do I think there is even more wrong. He can also talk very well against himself.Complete conversations with themselves. Something you expect more from a homeless person, and then you know that something is wrong. Because my ex-feather is very normal and functioning well, I did not recognise it as mentally ill when he started doing that one year in the relationship. He knows it’s a mental illness content, so the first year he did a lot of trouble doing this not around me.

I don’t think they can be better.

What I see as better is that he becomes the person, as he does when everything goes well.And that the other side of him, the other personality that you never otherwise see, the things he does behind my back, and the blasts and ugly things he says, cease.

That will never happen.Lying is such a habit of him, that he can never cope with it in the long run. Otherwise, he would have been better when we were together. Since he had already had treatments, by the separation of his wife. If he now comes to me with crocodile tears and begging, saying that he will get help, and if I would want him back, I would not be able to believe him (apart VH not wanting because of all he has done behind my back). So I do not believe in remedy.

He is too good at lying.

I would just think he would try to lie better, and hide it.

As I also read from everyone.That that was their experience. Do not get better, but better lie and hide.

The big problem with the Narcissistic personality disorder is that the narcissist suffers little from it.The suffering pressure is thus perceived as minor, while the environment suffers very much among the narcissist. In general, narcissism is seen as a Triebst枚rung, a disorder of the psychic impulses, which is irreversiebel. By means of therapy, a narcissist can cognitively gain a better picture of his function and anticipate it.However, there are very few narcissists who enter into therapeutic treatment and even less who do not abort her prematurely.

If the trauma through which the narcissist become so is not healed, they remain so. What is as good as it is impossible do you know a narcissist who has a desire to face traumas.Do you know a narcissist who wants to feel all that shame when you heal a narcissist you love someone who is depressed. You can not heal a narcissist a sociopath a psycho because they can not feel empathy or to diminished extent. Those people are very to said piece and it’s pussy that they make other people piece but what are you doing to get out of the way.

If we want to be more human we are often confronted with our own selfishness.Meditation can be a great help in recognizing your own focus. Unfortunately best questioner can not impose someone, and from my own experience I can say that most narcissists are allergic to self-reflection.

I’m just about disturbed from this topic all the time.

I find in narcissism quite something good to sit though; Not for the family and not for friends/girlfriends, I know. They are longing for it to be as much as they do.For that reason, I have sometimes said goodbye to some snuiters.

But what an incredibly gifted people I know are narcissistic.Real Narcisten certified. The psychologist shuns them like the plague, which has a narrow vision and they can always explain that. It is always bidding against them, crying out for them, because they have a very strong will and are making little concessions. And no one is marital fidelity. But Tjonge, these are the Michelangelos in their field.

I know architects, real estate traders, engineers, a neurosurgeon, an artist and managers who come around to make sure they are narcissistic or have treks.I also just ask, I can rot. Each piece they deliver perfect work, they are sharp and always on time. I can really appreciate that.

They just don’t have so many friends-but a peerless humor, the sour plums left behind.I’ve always thought that’s because they soon care about 20 IQ dots with the rest of the population. Maybe I’m wrong?

But where I want to follow the question, what does it deliver them to lose?Why should someone have a remedy against everything that gives him or her the talent to shine?

Probably, I don’t know them, the half-population sits in the evening watching a narcissistic presenter who fills a few hours every night.

I think it does. can improve, maae that it never completely goes away.

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