Can a narcissist love unconditionally?

This is a beautiful, because also somewhat complex question.

The narcissist loves his ego unconditionally, because all his (I use the macular) conditions are set by the same.Those who meet these conditions can be loved by the narcissist as unconditionally as they love their ego. Of course, the hardest thing in life is to follow external conditions if you have not internalized them. The latter has the narcissist in its ego, but not the neurotypical person in his self, which is always more than the ego, where this internalization therefore always feels somewhat imposed on the neurotypical person. Because the narcissist has poor access to his self, he feels this imposed in his ego much less strongly than the neurotypical person. The narcissist is thus much better able to live according to his own conditions, which are not also more or less consciously determined by the self, which is why they feel unconditional to him.

The narcissist can love unconditionally, because he hardly knows the condition for love, namely access to the self.Neurotypical people cannot love unconditionally if they do not love their self just as unconditionally, which is actually extremely difficult, because there is also a lot of buried, which is filled with shame and disgust, whereas the narcissist is an unbelievable amount stronger defense than the neurotypical person. Great people like Jesus or Buddha have achieved this unconditional self-love, but for few of us it is achievable in the same way.

For the neurotypical person, love is always somewhere between the extremes of condition and unconditionality.She loves because she gets something back for what she needs or desires, but at first she is unable to give herself. Through each other’s love, she can open herself up to her essential self-needs and needs and thus learn to understand them. This is a long road that brings new things to the fore at every station, etc. Usf. The narcissist lives only with his ego, which is why life is incredibly boring to him and he therefore always relies on external intake to fight this terrible boredom. If this supply is good, it will be unconditionally loved or perhaps better coveted. In principle, however, there is also a flaw in all appearances, provided that it never completely conforms with the interior (even as a mere ego) as this exterior. Thus boredom comes back on the scene and the narcissist seeks new supplies, which he loves unconditionally, etc. Usf.

In short, from the point of view of the narcissist, he always loves unconditionally, from the point of view of the neurotypical person, because he himself can never love her own self unconditionally.For the latter, it is actually too big or too extensive for a single short life.

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