Can a hard worker defeat a gifted person? What happens if they both work hard?

Is on it.On the conveyor belt? A gifted person will be there to Underdoorgan. Too simplistic. Thoughts go astray. Efficiency goes down.

If they work in an area like math, you can still work as hard as you want.If you have no insight you will never understand it. And there’s a hard ceiling in the achievable level of thought/analysis that’s related to your IQ. And not to your work ethic.

Let’s take a boxing match.Let’s take a typical person of 1.75 m x 70 kg and let him/her fight against someone gifted with 2.20 and 140 kg. Who has the greatest chance of winning?

Or take Lucia richer.She was extremely talented and gifted for a woman. But when she fought against a mediocre male Thai boxer she lost. Purely because he was gifted with male genes and is naturally stronger in combat.

Would Lucia have been able to defeat him with extreme training.Sure. As long as the gifted does not leave the training. And then he still has a lead in strength.

Why would anyone want to defeat anyone?

The most successful and happy people are those who are bursting with self-confidence that combine what fascinates them and what they are good at: just steadily going their way, little attracting of what and who, their environment (s) convincingly with the Above average they produce.
[Those are really not to keep ranking lists

In the business world, discipline, dedication and motivation are more important than giftedness.Can talk about it because, I have been dismissed by my behaviour and the fact that my’s crossing was not convinced to be able to count on me in the future, on my first job after less than 1 month of employment. He did praise my substantive qualities of how I did my work, but the rest did the door for him.

But I don’t mind winding, people who have above-listed properties (motivation + behavior + high conscientious) and are gifted can accomplish a lot of things in life.

But don’t worry, with an IQ higher than 130, each point is more of a burden than an added value.And quite honestly, people with a lower or average giftedness are often happier in life and flourish in the social sphere. It is not for nothing that the boys with a lower or average giftedness often go with the girls in their youth.

‘, ‘ On your first question: I think that a hard worker, in a discipline that does not lie with him/her, can perform well, but cannot excel.The gifted person mint out with little effort. If those gifted than there are also hard to work… with a 2 hp you can’t get Porsche to. So find what you are a Porsche in!

“,” Who says that a hard worker is not gifted, or that a gifted person is not a hard worker!

After all, if you have talent, you will have to work hard to develop it.

The difference that you may be referring to is that the one for a short period of time is working hard and has been reaping the benefits for many years, while the other day must deliver the same effort in the day.

That will be the difference.

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