Can a child learn three languages from an early age?

Yes absolutely.My son is completely bilingual (Russian/Dutch) and could also be trilingual, if I had put more time into it.

He speaks Russian and Dutch and since his grandmother lives in Germany, he often goes to her.During school holidays he quickly picks up German but it is very short to learn decent German. His stepfather is a German teacher and when he is looking at home in the evening tests, my son often crawls at him and laughs aloud for the mistakes like “Gusskauf”. It’s Billig anyway, so they don’t know, they get German at school!

His father spoke to him a while ago, but always went over to Dutch.But actually, many half-blood that I know are trilingual: Russian/Dutch/Turkish, Russian/Dutch/Portuguese, Russian/Dutch/Hebrew and many expat children near me speak Hindi or other Indian mother tongue/Dutchs/english .

My wife is Croatian and I am NL’er.Our twins are now 6.5 and speak from the beginning NL and Croatian. Since about 2 years also English because they hear my ega and me speak that. They now speak almost fluently these 3 languages, albeit that they do in DUTCH and Croatian ‘ Times ‘ and conjugations regularly do wrong.

This has to do with Croatian because it has 7 name traps that they control well but is apparently confusing to them. E.g.Croatian ‘ I have 6 years ‘, NL ‘ I am 6 years ‘.

Otherwise, as with other ‘ mixed marriages (Croatian-NL) I have consistently spoken from the outset and my ega Croatian.Incl. Books, DVD, TV etc. The English picked them up by themselves and we have been speaking 3 languages with them since about 1 year now. I NL/English, my ega Croatian/English.

We have not given explicit attention to this, ‘ just let it happen and develop ‘.

There are many advantages to multilingualism, both now and in their distant future in various areas.You can only stimulate multilingual IMHO. Uni Nijmegen is doing good research on this and there is also a fair bit of literature available.

The twins have been in school in the NETHERLANDS, especially in Croatia but also for 2 years.Now back in Croatia wants to learn a German and the other French. This can be done in elementary school, so if they want to do that in September they will be able to do it. We also speak these languages so we can help them. One also wants Chinese to be somewhat in control, but we keep wondering because this is a sound language that O.I. is still too difficult for them.

I hope it adds something, if not my apologies.

Yeah sure though.Children are very good at learning languages. And is still good for them too.

Remember in the Netherlands we expect all of children.Dutch, English, German and French are already learning in schools. For example, if you have foreign parents there are 1 or 2 languages on top of throwing quite normal.

Yes do not hear a problem.

My children speak English, Mandarin Chinese and Dutch.

That may be best, yes. For a family, in my experience, it is important that both parents only use their mother tongue.

Sure!Even 4, M.I.

Absolutely, a year or 10 ago came a friend of me who had emigrated to Texas back to Holland for about years with his American wife and 3 year old son, within that year that Hummel spoke next to English, Dutch and Frisian not fluent but that was happened if they had stayed longer, children pick up a language very quickly.

Yeah though, I grew up with 3 languages.

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