Besides the well-known Chinese clones of Twitter, Facebook, Quora (Weibo, RenRen, Zhihu) are there any examples of innovative Chinese websites?

Innovation enough in China.Some clones are their time far ahead compared to the west. Some clones are more than the original, so more functionally innovated. WeChat is such an example, very large and extensive.

In fact, compared to China, we are now far behind.

The only one I know is Aliexpress and Tjonge, which is that popular!Especially here in Europe but also Russia and the US. It’s just a webshop that delivers internationally at prices that the local shops cannot even compete against. Mostly prices of a few euros and then no shipping costs. Okay, you have to wait a long time for your parcel but they are so extremely popular that they are actually incredibly innovative.

An example is the Nodemcu plates that I love to experiment with electronica.In the Netherlands you can quickly pay 鈧?.95 per plate at Hobbyelectronica and there may be shipping costs on top.At Aliexpress , you buy 10 for 鈧?0.81 plus 鈧?.05 shipping costs!Ten! So 5 times cheaper than here.

AliExpress is part of the Alibaba Group and Specializes in ECommerce and technology.Right now they are in the top 10 of the most valuable companies on this planet!

AliExpress is not itself a webshop but a portal for shopkeepers all over the planet.AliExpress handles the orders and payments and tries to make everything as fair as possible. With the large numbers of sellers this is still quite tricky but they do very good things nonetheless. And for that reason, they have also grown so big.

More innovative than this I can not think of…

Yes, for example, take Wechat, a social network that can be characterized as a combination of Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

At first glance, this just looks like a clone of the western social networks I just mentioned, but this is just a small part of what Wechat has to offer.

What Wechat distinguishes from these social networks is, in addition to the multiple options to meet and add strange people, the Wechat Pay system.This system offers the opportunity to receive and transfer money from friends, as well as pay in everyday transactions such as at the supermarket, McDonalds or at the Metro. In my opinion, this makes everyday life very much easier. In addition, the size of this system is hardly overestimated. Even at a small market stall in the most remote area one can still pay with Wechat in China.

This is all possible because in China your account will be linked to your BSN number.This greatly dampers fraud because all transactions are linked back to a specific person and so very easy to find out for the authorities.

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