Believe you DC and Marvel will one day become an amalgam universe

I think it’s very much about how successful DC will bring its films to the box office over the next few years.To be honest, all the movies of DC are successful that Marvel hasn’t had in the Betto. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and partly Sucied Squat were films that shone with the fact that they had no counterparts in the MCU. Wonder Woman was a film about a strong, confident woman who tries to fight the turmoil of World War I and showed us that there is no good side or bad in war. It’s just losers and winners. Aquaman was a film about a family conflict and the political turmoil of a forgotten kingdom that underlies the dream of humanity that we can live underwater. Shazam is the fun kid’s hero who has far too much power and with childish naivety goes to problems that if he loses would have catastrophic consequences. Tja and Sucied Squat was the film about criminals who are exploited by the shadow government to do good.

So if DC continued to make these films, which would fit into the MCU, satisfying the creativity of fans and their desire for these questions, such as: How was the First World War in the MCU?Or what happens to government-captured supervillains? Then they should actually be able to build a universe of films that could one day serve to show the struggle or the merging of two mulivers, i.e. the MCU and the DCU. It would probably be that just the fan favorites of the MCU’s like Wolverine, Thor or Spider-Man merge with the favorites of the DCU so Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Shazam. It depends a lot on how it performs for the DCU in the future. With a good strategy, they could actually lay the foundation for merging with the MCU.

That would be scenario one.The next one is no less interesting. It could also happen that the DC and Marvel decide that they keep the amalgam universe separate from their film universes and this by streaming series or animated movies appears. Something that would be even better for both of them because they can do something in peace at any time without paying attention to their other projects.

So and last scenario three.Disney just buys DC from Warner Brother’s and does what they want. Could give rise to many possibilities. A reboot of the DCU, the addition of DC characters into the MCU and the comics, two comic multiverses that coexist and/or a return of the amalgam universe that exists between the two multiverses as a nexus. The possibilities would be endless.

But I myself think that we will see “DC characters” in the MCU long before that.If the phases of Marvel continue like this, movies that are across reality are probably an integral part of the MCU’s and so it’s quite likely that we’ll see the Squadron Supreme as Marvel’s answer to DC’s Justice League. Hyperion (Superman), Nighthawk (Batman), Power Princess (Wonder Woman), Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern), Flash (Whizzer) are likely to fight an epic battle with the heroes of the MCU’S or fight alongside them against a multiverse threat… And when that happens, I’m pretty sure Marvel won’t let it take you to show how one of these heroes crashes into a store to sneerate a mountain of Dark Claw characters or stuffed animals.

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