Autisten: What do you think of people who want to ‘ heal ‘ autism?

Since autism arises due to a problem in neuronal compounds and the fact that these compounds constantly change obv new memories and this a substantial part of your personality determined, I can only say that they are autistic with me Also draw my personality, my ‘ I ‘ will deprive.I am I. I’m not always happy with it and I sometimes get in the way of it, but that doesn’t mean that I want to be ‘ healed ‘.

If they want to invent a pill, rather one that damped stimuli or makes contact with others easier.If it works out and is not definitive.

Those people certainly have all the time of the world haha.

I find myself fine in the state in which I traffic.
As Menino says ‘ it is a matter of learning to go ‘.Now it will care from person to person how big that task is.
I would advise the person in question to skip the autists and try to heal the rest of the earth.There is much more to do. Or even better.
Start with yourself?

Lol me Shaan has an attempt ventured I went after him for the swearing and me demoontjes that went fine am off of it. Autism can not really fiksen you.Autism can make you more liveable as in learning strategies develop which makes you less sensitive to stimuli and just learning a lot about how human interaction works. Healing with God knows what doesn’t work.

I assume we don’t have qualified therapists or psychologists here.They would not have ‘ healing ‘. I therefore assume that the question is about people who give themselves unrestricted knowledge of magical qualities.

At first I’m a bit insulted, because it feels like ‘ n disqualification of your person when someone wants to ‘ heal ‘ your mind.This looks a bit like the answer of Iris van Laar on Autisten: What do you think of people who want to ‘ heal ‘ your autism? I also have that feeling about BV. Anti-vaxers, who would rather risk their child from being polio and paralysis than the fictitious risk that they could get autism.

Beyond my personal feelings I see the ‘ helers ‘ as in the same street with other quacks and paragnosts.Or they are a bit crazy in their assumptions and inflicte harm in their ignorance by putting fake therapies on the market (and no, ‘ n placebo is not good enough). Or they are actively malicious by deliberately other people’s problems outside for personal financial gain, knowing that they are selling sugar water.

I am therefore quite fierce about this kind of practice, and will warn everyone who wants to seek his salvation.As far as I am concerned, it would be better if these practices could be banned and fined. The option is that people are missing the help they need because they listen to ‘ n quack, despair because promises are not being made and put into a pit because they see themselves as unwisely ill. Autism and suicidal have a correlation. [1 This is not a field for spiritual speculations or capitalistic initiatives.These practices are dangerous and unacceptable.


[1 ..

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