As robots adopt more jobs, unemployment will rise. What is a realistic solution so that people can maintain a quality of life?

You can also formulate it differently.Thanks to robots, we have more and more free time while production is just continuing.Free time is usually seen as something gunstigs.Where people used to work often 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and without a holiday, there is now 30 – 40 hours a week with two free days plus 4 – 5 weeks holiday. This shorter work, and earning more, is a direct consequence of the machines that have taken a lot of work since the industrialisation.

The question is an assumption which is not necessarily true.

Namely, robots are taking over jobs and unemployment is rising.

Robots are making large parts of cars, long time.

Everything is automated because:

  • Labor costs a lot of money.
  • Scales is easy with robots.
  • Tedious, repetitive and/or dangerous tasks are replaced first.

We actually talk about automation and not really about robots.

That is another strange observation, from an engineer’s point of view, a robot does not need a head, two eyes and a mouth at all.

But man is a biological creature who looks weird that a machine that would do human tasks would have no head, mouth, and eyes.

Now, when agriculture was very long ago, the industrial evolution has come.

Everyone would be unemployed because factories took over everything.

Of course not, there has been a change in the labour market, no gigantic unemployment.

The big problem today is the whole view of work and unemployment that is being instilled from the young.

Take a look at the civil service.

While Netflix streams videos, lightning fast, and can do with peak usage and everything online, the government is nowhere in terms of IT and automation.

In Belgium, more than 50% of the workforce is employed by the government.

Indirectly, there are still a lot of percentages.

But everything is still going through paper filling and sending out.

To a counter and manual work.

In triplicate of course.

Tax declarations have become so complicated that you need an accountant.

Tax auditors complain that they can only check 1% per year of declarations.

What you need to know:

  • A simple system without deduction, something very simple is easy to control and abuse is not the trouble.
  • Officials receive their wages from the Treasury, pay taxes to the state Treasury where other officials send, check, process the declaration.

How absurd is that? An official receives an income from the Treasury point. No taxes, just pure net.

  • Pensioners: just so.
  • If you are without work, there are a lot of institutes that will guide you to a new job.
  • You have the unemployment benefits and the taxes on it (see official, no need). You have the VDAB and all sorts of things you have to attend that are worthless. Expensive solutions that are not solutions.

  • The big problem is that Labour, namely manual labor such as in the catering industry, construction, cleaning, garden maintenance, all hard work, is very little paid and yet high taxed.
  • If you can choose between 40 hours of hard work for 50 EUR in the week more, then you just stay at home unemployed because it’s not bother. These problems are well known. There are solutions such as shifting labour to VAT in a European or global framework, but no one is doing it.

    In Belgium you have to work almost with two, ie hours a day in the traffic jams.

    With children there is no longer any time.

    If you work you have to pay more everywhere, including childcare.

    During the weekend you have to wash, brush and ride the grass.

    Well, if you had someone who did it for you, then you got time in place.

    At the same time, there are 400,000 or 500,000 official unemployed and you stand on the waiting list for a cleaning woman and help in the household.

    There is something thoroughly wrong somewhere, no?

    If you have a cleaning aid, then she cannot this week because ill.

    Or leave.

    Or does she go to another company and suddenly you have nothing more.

    If there were a robot that could take me all the annoying tasks in the house, washing dishes, cooking, washing, ironing and cutting off the grass, I bought it directly.

    There is work enough and a lot of demand.

    But the system does not allow it.

    If the system allows, you are still dependent on all sorts of uncertainties that you do not have at a vending machine.

    A robot does not need a pee or smoke break.

    A robot doesn’t get sick for a week.

    A robot does not need leave.

    A robot should not sleep.

    A robot makes no mistakes when it does repetitive things.

    A robot is not depressed or angry.

    It is a machine that does exactly what the machine is made of.

    It is not POSSIBLE that so many people beg for more time for themselves or the family while at the same time so many people are unemployed.

    This week the newspaper stated that the Belgian is among the least flexible workers in the EU.

    Great applause from the Union (the same of the Arco Dexia Mafia).

    Automatisation of work that no one can or wants to do is an advantage.

    We have the unique opportunity to discover our strengths.

    Find something we are good at and that we like to do.

    And where another wants to pay for it.

    That should be our goal, then the whole we are working us dead at the office in a job that we do not like to do with a boss who is not us because we once we are 60, 65, 70, 75, why not 110 years, then we can enjoy life.

    Shullbit my friends.

    Every time someone falls dear to us, the blinkers fall off for a while.

    Life is short we say then.

    It can be done so.

    And after a while we just continue.

    A painter or sculptor also does not stop at 65 to never make more art.

    You do it because you like doing that and earning money with it.

    A musician?

    The same.

    The Rolling Stones are still on stage even though they no longer need it.

    And work is then choosing an employer who can help you further in expanding your qualities.

    And you can’t learn further, then you’re gone.

    Obviously within certain limits but sticking where you learn nothing, that’s the worst you can happen.

    The only thing that matters in life is learning, unlearning and further learning.

    Unlearning is given to few.

    And it means ambetante conversations with your parents.

    Why are you away at x or Y?

    Such a good employer and good retirement Enzo.

    Nope, I want to live now, know my children and not lose everything if you finally “on retirement” mag.

    It is the world that changes to see otherwise.

    Not by the glasses of the generation that adheres to the old recipes.

    Automation will further thoroughly change the labour market.

    Only knowledge and can be of interest.

    If you get a fish from your employer every day, you depend on that employer.

    If you do everything you need to learn to fish, then you are independent.

    Machines have been replacing people’s work for a long time, often simple and monotonal work.Fortunately, for most people, something else has been devised which has left the unemployment rate permanently low. First of all simple manual work, then a lot of mavo administrative jobs and because machines/robots are getting smarter it will continue. That machines are suddenly called robots, I find more marketing than these machines are suddenly very different. The current machines are also packed with clever software that can carry out more and more complex tasks. So I think there is not so much going on.

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