As a woman: How did a man lose the chance to get in a relationship with you?

I understand the question in such a way that it is addressed to women who are supposed to present their experiences.

Well… I would say mostly it was the self-confidence… either too much or too little.

There were some guys/men who were so convinced that they were so overwhelmed with sexual allusions that they just wanted to twist their eyes and cut them off.Or they went directly in search of body contact and put the arm around the shoulder (or even much worse -.- ) although it was completely inappropriate considering how strange we were… and reacted zero to a public rejection. For some, the “hunter’s view” (best if their partner was still standing next to it -.-) was enough under which one feels uncomfortable and very naked, because one already recognizes by what is going through his head.

A man has been flirting all the time… we also had very pleasant moments… until his girlfriend showed up (which he concealed)….after that, the thing was “over” for me when he became single again.

Then there was a young man who belonged to our clique….and when we were alone for the first time he started to talk badly to all the other men who belong to “us” (“The xy is attractive… but come… it is stupid too… he is not silent because he is mysterious”… “The z is a total nerd… and somehow his head is so big… Don’t understand why the girls from the lower classes are so adoring him”… “And what’s wrong with T??? … Somehow I find him creepy…”) … he has made his best friends with me bad in the hope that among the “comic birds” he then stands as the great stallion in front of me… I thought it was horrible.

A few years later in another circle of friends there was the situation that two men were interested in me… one was a huge trained “bull” and the other a little smaller than me and very thin.I thought the younger man was great because he had a great personality and I felt comfortable with him. But when he noticed that the giant is also interested in me he has “given up”… his self-confidence was so in the basement that he didn’t even realize that I was always looking for his closeness and not that of the other man. When we went to the lake as a group of 10 people (it was my brother’s circle of friends so I didn’t feel comfortable with all the people… that’s why I either stayed near my brother or just with the interesting man mentioned) and the “bull” said “Well come Nastja… let’s go into the water” and the interesting man I was actually talking to fell silent and then muttered something like “Go already… I understand… not everyone can be such an animal as that…”… He was so sure that I would “choose” the other that he resigned and me or me. deliberately or subconsciously blocked my efforts. In the end, of course, I preferred to be single in the situation.

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