As a practicing Jehovah’s Witness, can you also have friends from other religious groups?

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One of my friends is even a Catholic clergyman and I have not given up hope of winning him over to the truth.

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What says the Bible?

Is Hypnosis something for Christians?

“There shouldn’t be anyone in you who . . . others with a spell” (GENESIS 18:10, 11).

THE topic of hypnosis has already sparked many discussions.Even professionals struggle to explain it. Generally speaking, hypnosis is a changed state of consciousness or a trance. Most people, however, are less interested in the definition of hypnosis than in its effect.

For some years now, it is no longer unusual in some countries for doctors to recommend hypnosis as a therapy.The journal Psychology Today states: “Hypnotherapy can eliminate headaches, relieve pain, help to quit smoking, it can make anesthesia unnecessary and improve learning habits 鈥?all without Side effects.” In contrast, many people associate hypnosis with spiritualism and the occult.

What does the Bible say?Sacred Scripture, of course, is not a medical textbook and does not speak directly about hypnosis. But their principles can help us determine how God thinks.

Hypnosis and Occultism 鈥?/b> Have they something with each other to do?

Is the assumption that there is a connection between hypnosis and the occult just pure imagination?It may be that fantasy literature and related films have encouraged this idea, but the connection between hypnosis and spiritualism also has a very real basis. The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology states that its development is “inextricably linked to occultism”.Religious trance states, which have been part of magic and sorcery since ancient times, are generally considered a kind of hypnosis. The priests in Egypt and Greece in ancient times caused a kind of hypnosis state when they tried to cure diseases in the name of their false gods.

The encyclopedia goes on to say: “Even today, many hypnotic phenomena are classified as ‘spiritualist’.” Although it is difficult to determine how much different forms of hypnosis have to do with the occult, it is clear that God condemns all spiritualism (Genesis 18:9-12; Revelation 21:8).As a result, Christians must not ignore the clearly unbiblical aspects of hypnotization.

Impact on the Behaviour

What is it about how hypnosis affects a person’s mind and behavior?Are there any dangers here? One good cause for concern is that a hypnotized person is unlikely to be able to control their behavior any more. Variety artists take advantage of this when they get hypnosis volunteers to do something they wouldn’t normally do, such as behaving like drunks.

The Encyclopedia Americana writes about such hypnosis demonstrations: “The hypnotized can be easily receptive even to subliminal suggestion, respond more easily to otherwise rather latent unconscious shoots and for the duration of hypnosis feel that his behaviour is free from all social and personal restrictions.” Collier’s Encyclopedia states: “The hypnotized has the full concentration of his mental powers, which means that he takes up the hyponotist’s suggestions with great attention and carries out it willingly.”

Does that sound harmless?Would it be advisable for a true Christian to let his mind be influenced by the suggestions of a hypnotist? This would be contrary to the apostle Paul’s exhortation: “[Represent your bodies as a living, holy sacrifice acceptable to God. . ., this is a sacred service according to your reason. And no longer form according to this system of things, but be transformed by the reshaping of your mind, so that you may, through trial, determine what the good and acceptable and perfect will of God is” (Romans 12:1, 2).

Could a Christian ‘keep a good conscience’ if he could be put in a state in which he would no longer be completely master of his thinking or wanting or even of his doing?(1 Peter 3:16). The Bible exhorts: “Each of you know how to possess of his own vessel in sanctification and honor” (1 Thessalonians 4:4). Under hypnosis, it is clearly not possible to follow this advice.

Hope on perfect Health

In view of the biblical principles mentioned above, Jehovah’s Witnesses refrain from methods that include hypnosis or autohypnosis.You follow the commandment in 5. Moses 18:10, 11: “There should not be anyone in you who . . . binds others with a spell.” People with health problems have many other treatment options open to them, where they do not expose themselves to the dangers of occultism or allow others to manipulate their minds.

Christians who avoid unbiblical practices may have the hope of living forever in God’s just new world.There humanity will enjoy perfect physical and mental health without hypnosis (Revelation 21:3, 4).


Hypnosis is defined as “a temporary state of altered attention . . . that can be caused by another person and in the course of which a variety of phenomena . . . can occur.These phenomena include: changes in consciousness and memory, increased receptivity to suggestion, and an occurrence of reactions and ideas that are unusual for normal consciousness” (Lexicon of Psychology).


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