As a German immigrant in Switzerland, how can I win the respect of the Swiss?

The whole thing is a culture shock!
The main problem here is that the countries are similar in many areas, so the problems arise from small things.
When I go to Timbuktu, I am already recognizable by the color of my skin and the clothes as a stranger and one is more lenient with me in terms of customs.A German in Switzerland is not visually recognizable.
We Swiss are proud of our diversity, including the dialects.Linguistically, we are somewhat schizophrenic, at least the slightly older generation, we speak dialect, but we write High German. That’s why it’s called written German. High German is a foreign language for a Swiss.
In Germany, dialect, in many regions, is something for the common people.Those who are educated speak High German. Many people in Germany were always amazed that even a professor usually speaks dialect here.
“Tschüss” is such a small detail.In D common, here actually only if you are per you.
The typical Swiss is a bit shy, which is why he is simply overwhelmed with the more direct and researchy nature of the Germans.The Swiss also has (still) a greater authority. That’s why he dares to disagree less with his boss. It may be because of the mountains that the Swiss is more likely to try to adapt to the surroundings. We have learned that one does not come up against the forces of nature (avalanches, rock falls, etc.) and has to live with them in order to survive.
Conversely, the Germans seem to have a complex of inferiority, which is then overplayed with the research and exaggerations.I have been involved in development all my working life. I have only experienced with German customers that the development is becoming a huge business and it is about 1,000 to 10,000 pieces, even if it was clear from the beginning that the demand is 10-100 pieces. Somehow, these managers are probably afraid not to be taken seriously with small quantities. With Swiss customers, I have hardly experienced such exaggerations.
At least the slightly older ones were brought up here to take into consideration others, but at the same time to observe rules.
Much has also arisen from the very different a result, some things here are exactly the other way around. e.g. on the phone. In D, phones connected to the same number must be connected in such a way that you cannot listen in secret. If the handset is taken off on a phone, the others are dead. It is understandable if you know German history.
Here, the rule is exactly the opposite.All phones are connected in parallel and you can connect to the conversation. The argument here is that if there is an emergency, you can tell the other members that they should hang up so that you can hang the fire brigade, the police, etc. can notify. We have never had the problem here that even family members spied on each other on a large scale.
OK, these are stereotypes now, which are also very different regionally.
It is also interesting that the people of Zurich are not really liked all over Switzerland, but many Germans feel most comfortable in Zurich.
My type:
Hold back a little bit and try to take care of the others.

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