As a doctor, what was the most annoying patient you’ve ever had?

Unfortunately, I am not a doctor.

Even if I might like it from time to time, the career choice is not yet complete.Unfortunately, I have to tell myself about myself.

I would say I’m pretty much the most annoying patient there is.

Certainly there are still people who are much worse than me.But I think I’m pretty close to driving my dentist mad.

Only the other day I came back to her with a small brown spot on my incisor.I’ve obviously forgotten that I’ve had this brown spot for two or three years. But last year I noticed this place again while cleaning the window and looking in the mirror. Therefore I obviously had nothing better to do that day, I fell into an absolute panic. Which hasn’t stopped since the day. I constantly cleaned this tooth extra for fear that it might have tooth decay.

The problem is, I’m terribly afraid of the dentist.As soon as it is tweaked somewhere or even a spot is red, I immediately get the feeling that my entire jaw has to be cut out feeling.
So you see I’m every dentist’s dream.

So half a year later, this year in the summer I went to my dentist who immediately removed the job, it turned out that it was just dirt and nothing threatening.

She even told me I wouldn’t have to go to the dentist for the next ten years.

But that didn’t stop me from asking her again before I went, if everything is really okay now and nothing can mold or rot.The end of the song was, everyone laughed but still I flip out as soon as there is or could be even a place on the tooth.

The problem is simple, there are patients like me who have horror scares.I don’t even think that gets away because you’re afraid of a doctor, it’s because you’re afraid you’d have to get a syringe or have other things going on that are just uncomfortable. You don’t want to annoy the doctor or anything else, but you drive yourself and others into madness unnecessarily.

I do not want to discuss whether it is a phobia or anything else.For me it is definitely the case that I pay extreme attention to my teeth and I would like to keep them for a long time. Even if this sometimes leads to one or the other laugh for my dentist.

Surely it doesn’t have to be exaggerated with the concern for any body parts, but I’m still someone who says it’s more important to make sure that everything is OK, so better look more than once too little.

Nevertheless, one should be careful not to be driven too much into madness by any ideas.

In the end, it’s like, everything isn’t eaten as hot as it’s cooked.

This means that you should not panic completely at every small brown spot on the tooth.

Professional tip: If you enter things wrong, even a car just because the engine light is on can have cancer.

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