Are you satisfied with your own name or would you prefer to have a different first or last names?

I have officially changed my first name.

My original name (which I didn’t go to share) started with a loud sound, and especially my father knew that even harder to make if he was angry with me, which was more frequent and more aggressive than I could, very touchy girl, could handle.

I’m called Laura, to my big heroine Laura Ingalls.Like Laura, I’m not afraid of anything and I’m curious and inquisitive. The biggest compliment people can give me is that they find that my name fits me so well.

I’ve been called Laura for much longer than I ever had my old name.My family found it tricky at first, but now also mentions me with all love Laura.

The Times They Are A-Changin ‘ (Bob Dylan)

That certainly applies to the choice of names in our family.

My parents wanted me to register as a Liuba at birth, to my grandmother who died during the Holocaust.That did not want to accept the official of service, because Liuba did not apply to the formal list of recognised names. I have known someone who wanted to call her parents Germaine. Verboten during WW II. So it was… Germania.

So I was written as Lily.

In elementary school I was the only Lily in the 50 years of last century.And I thought that was anything but fine. At my girls ‘ school, ‘ Ann ‘ was probably the most current. In My class there were two. There was a Paula, a Francine, a Lizzie, a Monique, a Simone, a Jeanine, a Laurette…

But the worst thing I found is that everyone thought it was the abbreviation of Liliane and that all of the girls had a rist names of baptismal meters and-Peters behind their name, worthy of a princess, and I not one.

Later I discovered some famous namesake who did not really reconcile me with my first name.Like the German actress Lilli Palmer who gave her autobiography the title ‘ Dicke Lilli, Gutes Kind ‘. Or the main character of the film Lili with the sad song ‘ A Song of Love is A sad Song ‘.

Fast forward to modern times.

Grandma Lily hears in the Playground Mama’s their little Lily shouting.There is Lily Allen, Lily Collins, Lily Rose Depp. Singers, actresses, models to even-godbetert-pornographic actresses bear the name of the plant genus with beautiful flowers. From Lily of the Valley to Lily of the Nile.

Pretty happy with my first name.Just please do not put the emphasis on the second syllable, as a former editor-in-chief/tormentor did.

I have, given my profession, a nice name.

I have chosen my first name and I would not be able to imagine another first name, which might be a bit odd because I don’t remember anyone of my childhood who had that first name so I don’t know why I made that choice.

My middle name H酶gsbro is pretty nice.It is a fairly important Danish politician family (H酶gsbro-Appel-Dahlerup-Familien-Wikipedia, den frie encyclop忙di) and it is quite useful in Denmark to have a name.I once managed to avoid a fine because the agent did not want to eat a back-niece of a well-known lawyer (dared?). However, it is also awkward because for non-Danes it is not easy to understand whether it is a first, middle or surname, and because it is written with an 酶. That’s why I don’t use it outside of Denmark. Although…. Helene H酶gsbro Thygesen is globally unique, but there are a lot or twenty people who are called Helene Thygesen, and I am sometimes conceded with a Norwegian biologist with the same name that publishes on the same subjects as I do. So maybe I should use my resource name more often.

My surname is quite boring and also does not speak out for non-Danes.But it’s okay though. At least it is quite unique outside of Denmark and Norway, even if a customer ever has a Dutch colleague who is called Theunissen:)

I am satisfied with my first and last name.

My first name means ‘ for in the fight. ‘

And my surname is very well known in West Papua (Biak). There are also many Papuans who have the surname Wakum.

I have my father’s surname.

That of my mother is ‘ of the Westelaken ‘ which I find so beautiful. It is also already an old, in the village in which I grew up there are references to found until the thirteenth century.

In addition, I have a better relationship with my mother’s family.So I would rather have her surname, although I will not say that to my father haha.

In the past I always wanted to be called Frank.But nowadays I find my name best. You do not choose him yourself, but voldgens me it is such a thing that you become accustomed to in the course of the years, whatever it is.

I am completely satisfied with my surname.I feel neutral about my first name.

My surname is delicious, because it tells a story where my family comes from.Surnames have stories from the past and that’s beautiful!

My first name is a bit soft but not ugly.It’s nice because not many people have this name. That’s why it’s a bit unique.

Yes, I am satisfied with my first name and surname!

I would like to change my name constantly, to be so ‘ in sync ‘ with people from another culture-just out of convenience.

But the latter is made very difficult by society, which makes me very satisfied with my name, which actually does not even refer to me.

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