Are you really happy with a lot of travel?

‘ The Art of life is to be at home as if one is travelling. ‘

My answer to your question is no.Being really happy comes from inside, not from outside. You can still travel as long and as far as you want, if you have problems with yourself that will not make you really happy.

However, travel can help you empty your head, and get things done.You take literally and figuratively away from your ‘ normal ‘ life. That gives room to reflect and that can help again with being happier. Doing new things and stepping out of your comfort zone can also give you (temporarily) a good feeling, but in my opinion that’s not the same as being really happy.

Travel should complement your personal development but not your source of happiness.For most people, traveling is also ever on, and then it’s the art of being at home as if you were traveling.

Traveling is captivating, instructive, it broaders your world.But I have discovered for myself that only traveling and seeing new things and experiencing was not enough.
The last long journey I made, I assumed to no longer ‘ look ‘ and visit, but effectively also do something, to go live in another place and be useful.This is why the next trip as a volunteer was completely different.

I do think that traveling can make you happy when it gives you fulfillment, and you can bring a further message with it: As a journalist or photographer,…

I’ve met a lot of backpackers who were fed up pulling around, and drop themselves for longer time and their trip broke down.Until it began to itch again.
Just pulling around in the world and watching it becomes boring in the long run, you get a kind of ‘ anesthetic ‘ for what you see and do.

Of course, this depends on person to person.I had traveled a lot in my life with friends, my family, parents and even solo. (minimum 2x per year small and big trips) and the memories that I have kept there are priceless. From sights to the tasty cuisine and discovering a different lifestyle.

Had I saved all my travel money then I might have bought a nice car.But then I sometimes think of those moments that I am thinking of my travels back and I say to my own WoW what I had been experiencing beautiful times.

Travel is very happy.

I love photography, although the trip is very tired,

But when I found something new, I was still very happy.

Taste the past is a wonderful reminder

Why actually that Nuantie “really” happy?

Many journeys mean that one sees a lot.

It therefore depends on “how” one Travels and “where”… Travelling can be a nice occasion to experience adventures that one can not experience in a seat sitting in front of a TV screen. When traveling frequently, one might be wiser, but happier, I wouldn’t dare suppose. Often going on a journey encourages the imagination to be better than staying at home. More happiness I do not see in the scale…

And the critical question remains: why is one happy to come back home after a trip?

Are you really happy with a lot of travel?

It is not self-evident that you will be happy with many trips.

It mainly has to do with your mind-set.

  • Jantje is unhappy.

He looks at life with a negative image, even though he “thinks” all to know and is not interested in how another looks at the world. Jantje goes on a journey with his friends and tries to find his happiness by lying on the beach with a cocktail. The feeling of uncertainty is predominant with Jantje, so in the evening, as soon as he steps with his friends, he does his best clothes to be able to go out of bil with the most beautiful girl he meets. Success or no success, chances are that Jantje is unhappy at home. Jantje acted from his uncertainty and not acted from self-reflection to get rid of his uncertainty.

  • Pietje is unhappy.
  • Pietje is open to the vision of others because, through self-reflection, Pietje is aware that he can still learn a lot. Pietje does not step in the evening, but he is going to sniff some culture at a certain tribe in Africa. The open attitude and sincere interest of Pietje, makes the Africans tell Pietje about how they deal with the little bit they possess. Pietje has been quite thinking and learns a lot about himself. Pietje comes home after his holiday and notices that it is better with himself, because his relativeability is now based on more relevant information.

    Are you really happy with a lot of travel?

    If you like Jantje go on holiday for fun, by sucking a party and hopefully going out of bil with a nicer girl than the maid you size with BIL, I consider the chance to be much less than when you go on holiday as Pietje to actually act N to your personal development.

    By travelling you can come across people who have a very different vision of life than yourself.By talking a lot with different people, you learn to appreciate more and more in life, provided you have the right mind-set.

    The last 20 years I travel pretty much.At first I came home three times a year, later two times. Since two years I am more at home. I am a happy person. The cause of this is not that I am much on the road.

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