Are you living your full potential?

I would say yes – and yet not.

On the one hand, I am very anxious to become my best self and thus to reach my full potential.I enjoy the way, i know something that’s good for me and what’s not – and I can decide every daywhat I want to pay attention to.

On the other hand, of course, it happens all the time that I don’t live to my full potential and that can feel extremely frustrating.

“Didn’t I have any other plans?Don’t I know that I can’t get to my destination like that?” are just a few of the questions that go through my mind.My inner critic (the frightened reptile brain) is of course extremely happy about such an opportunity and tries to do the rest to keep me from my full potential.

But when I get caught in such situations, I think to myself:

“What does it mean to live my “full potential” or to live it?to be my “best self”?

Is that really there?Is this measurable, do I know when I have reached it? Or is this just an illusionthat I have put in my own head due to perfect Instagram lifestyles and Facebook holiday pictures of my friends?

Presumably the answer is: “Get on with it.” Probably there are certain limitsto which I have to bend (physical…) etc.

But then there are certainly those (and I think they are the absolute majority) that I can approach, but can never reach, because they can still be increased in some form and I can only do my best to get as close as possible to it. ommen (reminds me of the Limes in Math 😉 ).

Perhaps I could have said a nicer word to my girlfriend; may be a little more attentive at dinner; in sport that can do a repetition before I’ve stopped.

The race can probably be endless and you yourself are enormously dissatisfied.Some people, for example, are doing more and more to make even more money – but overlook the fact that this is a number – and numbers are, as we know, infinite. Am I wasting my precious energy to achieve something that doesn’t exist?

And yet – what drives us is an inner firethat is not rationally tangible and certainly not writable.The desire for more, the desire for progress, the joy of fulfillment.

If these actions are consistent with this inner fire, with our values, then we gain integrity, if we do not, we are frustrated.

I think I can answer this by striving to do my best to act in accordance with my values and thus to exploit the full, individual potential that I have been given for it.Because this potential is certainly a giftthat I gladly and gratefully accept – and accordingly think daily about what my “best self” would do in the respective situation and take this action as an example in order to reach my full potential. to live.

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