Are you ever lost? How did you found the way back?

Yes.In Ghent, a city I was however well aware of. In The Dark It took me 5 hours of speed Walken before I went to the police station to report my wandering. I was not ashamed of it, but thought the police would have told me to look boldly further.
I had to wait some more, but in no more than 10 min.Searching I was back behind the wheel.
It was a very busy day and I had parked my car quite far from the center.I had instilled the name of the street, the house number and still some details. Around 11 you that night I confused two street names named after 19th century politicians, the channel I was thinking of was to become a embankment. Only the cobblestone streets and the EA Poe sphere were still knocking. I still do not know how those agents, based on my completely erroneous clues, found my car so quickly (I had said to stand next to a channel, none of it, in a street of which a piece was broken open-knocked, but the yellow container I noticed , had never stood there).

A more unlikely story is this: I had a lecturer who was also a handyman.Yes! I was only graduated when he called me asking me if I didn’t wish to help him in arranging a clothing store. He knew that I had been a house painter-decorator for two years. It was strange to cooperate as a handywork after I had made a very tricky exam with him a week before. It was getting used to talking dialect with him. But well, professor and student went to work. He also had a strange career behind him. He started as a teacher in a notorious vocational school, where there are now 16-year-old Godfathertjes, who never come out without an armed escort. Then he had studied, doctored and became Prof. Dr.

芒 鈧?虄Ever, 芒 鈧劉 said the Prof.Dr. Klusser, 芒 鈧劉 I was on a school trip to Paris with a number of classes from that vocational school and to hold with 3 teachers that a lot alone was already a heavy task. 芒 鈧劉
On the second evening, 2 pupils were missing.Additional problem: Of the pupils, who lived however on the Belgian-French border, there were only a few (those who came from bilingual families) who spoke French. That was not the case with the missing persons. There was nothing else to look for than to find them in a strange city where the language for the stokelings could be just as good Chinese.

The quest went to the visited places of that day.Noppes. Until a pupil said they might have searched the parking space for buses. And, indeed, there they were found. Claiming that the pupils of that school were 芒 鈧?虄dom芒 鈧劉, knocked for a few, but there were also those who were only lazy, wanted to earn money as quickly as possible, were schooltired, etc.

The two lost, except for their own dialect, did not speak any language, were FF scattered during the lesson reading, had no clue about the name of their hotel or of the sparkling roads that led to it.They had not met the lower-country speakers. Their situation had forced them to switch to survival mode. If they found the bus, they would also find the minimum of discomfort. Was it coincidence, happiness or a reminder of something that was at the bus parking place: The coach was already spotted. Other Belgian and Dutch bus drivers knew where the passengers of that airline usually stayed overnight and without mobiles the pupils were suddenly back from Calcutta to a world with people they could understand.

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