Are you ever jealous? How does that feel?

It seems as if this question is specifically addressed to me.

My worst trade is jealousy.It is self-destructively for me. I do a lot of pain with it. How I also struggle with it, I often get feelings of jealousy. Sometimes I also get the feeling of being a man, partly because of my jealousy.

If I am jealous I can become very bright.Especially towards my partner. Where I often have my jealousy out often. I sometimes get scared of myself or say something I regret later.

Maybe it is because my ex-partner is cheating.After that moment I became very suspicious. Doubting the love and sometimes wondering ‘ I am enough ‘. Or always keep an eye on social media. For instance, I have fallen against my current partner a number of times because I had read messages but did not know the context behind them. Now I really have to restrain myself to not perform such acts (like on his phone look etc). But I still have this urge. Finally, the problem is in my mind. Always a voice that says ‘ Is this right? ‘ etc. For me, there is a lot of power needed to do this at that time.

I am also afraid that if I continue, I will destroy something that is very dear to me. Then I think, why do I have such a rouwige nature?Is there something wrong with my psyche? It’s almost like I can’t trust myself.

It’s scary, if you know another is trustworthy. But you still keep thinking ‘ is there something behind it? ‘.It says more about myself than the other.

I am the type that often feels too small.If only the least is said about someone else I link this in a negative way with myself. Then I go from ‘ Oh but I don’t have ‘ or ‘ oh so I’m not ‘. It’s really terrible.

Is it childish?Yes. I am very much aware of that. I once talked about this with my best friend and she was very smiling about it and gave me a strong feeling as if I was a child of 5. I had also indicated beforehand that I knew all this would sound very childish, but given the fact she is my best friend I could tell her. It hurt me though. It’s also not like I’m enjoying that emotion.

Is it superfluous?It is very unnecessary to be jealous. You really don’t achieve anything with it, except to hurt yourself. This sounds very dramatic but I can get very bleak by myself.

What causes me to be gloomy?Because I am aware of the fact that I am jealous and I try to do something about it, but it does not succeed me 9 out of 10 times.

How it feels?Quite to. Really very much to. Sometimes I even get sick of it.

In any case, I ‘ acknowledge ‘ the ‘ problem ‘.That’s what it starts with. I try to be sweet to myself and to speak courage in jealous emotions.

People are complicated.One is not the other. You really don’t have to tell me that this is childish. I know that. But Quora is also there for me to be honest. Maybe there are others like me (most likely not) who are also struggling with this. Right now it’s a learning process for me. It certainly is going to come well over time. My partner has seas of patience. I am forever grateful to him for that.

Edit: Incidentally, I think I am therefore considering removing Instagram and focusing more on educational apps.Instagram brings me nothing positive, except that I can watch how fun, successful another is. Or a celebrity. There is fixed more in life than that. I’m going to try to read more, focus on my study and happiness. Then it gets fixed well.

I have learned that to bend before it becomes anything negative.Because it always starts the same way. You take something true. After that, a feeling arises-that I want too, I don’t know much. I am doing it now-I take something true, I stick to the observation and do not go on tour with the thought that comes out.

It used to be:
I see a beautiful girl.’ What a beautiful girl. ‘ > ‘ What am I fat and ugly ‘-‘ I hate such girls! ‘ ‘ This kind of figure would win me so and my husband would leave me immediately left for such a person. Etc. What a series of sucks thoughts!

Now I do it so.
‘ Beautiful girl! ‘ ‘ She also has a nice jacket. ‘ ‘ Maybe I should also look at such a jacket it is really cool! ‘ “As she looks, I want to look at it, I can do my best for a moment within the realistic then, I am who I am, but if I want to, I have to do some of that.”

Much better (for me iig).I do not allow the ‘ equation ‘ module to start. I just focus on the person, look what I like about it and then think ‘ I’ll take that dick! ‘

All wise words: Of course, I’m jealous.That is a feeling of sadness and regret. When I see how someone has performed something, and I have not gotten it together, for example. Very human. And you have to put it over. It helps me to congratulate that other enthusiastically. Then that feeling disappears, at least at me.

Well I will honestly confess that I have never experienced that feeling happy.What will I be jealous of something for?

Jealousy is-like regret 芒 鈧?”a utter pointless emotion.

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