Are workers fired in the Netherlands following a computer system that records results?

One or two years ago it was I believe. The IT department of a well-known bank in the Lagelanden, thought it was time for a test of the employees regarding phising emails.The bank had decided not to give any bonus to the staff that year. That’s why the IT-ers, smooth guys as they are, sent an email around that promised a bonus with a link to more information or something like that (note: The article may not be found directly, Google has gone very backwards in the last few years in terms of information search). Techies dare to ignore the feelings of the average employee. Reasonably what employees clicked on the suspicious link. So IT had proven what they wanted to prove that the employees are quite easy to bite. There is only one that clicks on a link to compromise (possibly) the entire organization. A few days ago it was the turn of Neurala, a KI startup in the US, by the way. The bank employees were not at all happy. They felt caught by the outside of the nasty area of the bank management to not share a bonus followed by IT that went out that sensitive point. Stripped of all the emotion, the naughty men and ladies in the phising world do not give bothering to the feelings of their victims so purely technically it only proved that the weakness of every security in a company is still human. And that this is an uninitiated work to solve this.

All well and good, you say, but what does that matter?Well, even in a tech company, a large number of employees are unable to understand how their network works. The intranet website with all documents concerning HR for example. How easy is monitoring who clicks and who is looking at those documents for how many times within that period? Bullying opp work? Dismissal documents? Or the email server? The administrator can read everything. It does not do that. But it can be. Backups of emails? How long are they kept? Can one use it if a whistle-blower brings the company into trouble? How long are they kept (difference in reality and what one claims)? The most companies have filters that block the bad websites, and the pornography stuff. Because that is not allowed. But the server logs and any special firewall software can as well track things about which websites are visited and by whom. The question you have to ask is not, shouldn’t it or shouldn’t it? In this context, the translation of a tip from Dilbert’s father, Scott Adams, is enormously important:

In English:

芒 鈧?艙芒 鈧?芒 鈧?/p>

Scott Adams (Dilbert) Because, as I have taught you, shenanigans always happen when you have the following situation:

1.Huge upside gain from cheating.


3.Low odds of getting caught, or low cost of getting caught.

芒 鈧?艙芒 鈧?芒 鈧?/p>

Freely translated: Cheating happens when there is an important benefit to be gained, if the possibility arises (often with little effort to implement) and if the chance to get caught is low.

The questions you read must be evaluated each time with such rules.

Thanks, Quora user, for your question.

I don’t know, but it could.Think of call center employees: they work with scripts and all their actions are recorded and monitored. There could well be some analyses, which the management uses to assess performance.

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