Are wealthy people as bad as the rest of humanity?

My uncle is a Chinese billionaire.

He was a well-known prodigy and attended one of China’s top universities at the age of 16, and completed his master’s degree[1within three years).

In 1979, there were only a few universities[2in China,[3)that received only a few students.My uncle was one of a million applicants admitted to study.

He started his company with 200 yuan[4(35) in the 90s[5.

He worked every day and every night when he was young.

His ex-wife suffered from severe depression[[6because my uncle never came home.When they divorced in 1999, his ex-wife took their son – my cousin – with them.

My uncle became a billionaire around 2008.

It has a huge house, with a garden and swimming pool included.His housewives clean and cook for him, and he has a new girlfriend every 6 months.

He treated them all well:

Each of them got an apartment and a car as a parting gift.

My uncle is a high profile man, he sees himself as the chosenone.He despises all the saliva-lickers around him, and he has no friends, because everyone around him hates him behind his back. [7

A few years ago he visited his old university, where he was warmly welcomed by his old schoolcolleague (now the president of theinstitute).To which he replied only: “How can someone as untalented as you run our college?She has no hope with you.”

In 2016, my uncle decided to sell his entire business, including its thousands of acres of land and buildings.

The local government was very upset about this, as 6000 employees would lose their jobs.

But my uncle became furious with the government:

“Do you think I’m as ridiculous as you’ taking money for yourself?”

He paid each of his employees very well and left the place.

In 2017, he bought a street in Huizhou[8]and built a shopping center in Shenzhen[9.He got all the properties he bought rented.

At the time, I asked him why he sold his business.

He said that everything was for nothing.

He said he just wanted to be someone of importance when he was young, but after his company became too big, he didn’t enjoy it anymore and he realized that all his effort led to nothing.

But I felt differently:

At the very least, his success has funded my studies at Duke University[10]and he told me that if he could vote again, I would go down my path to becoming a teacher. He said he truly loved his work at the universities.

He hopes that I can fulfill this dream and that it is why I financed my studies.

For a long time my uncle assumed that my son should take over his business, but now he advises him not to go into the free economy.

According to him, the world of the economy is a battlefield.

He has won every battle he has fought, but he has lost the war for life.

To add my personal touch:

Money is a tool that can decorate and elevate your life, but for a happy life enough money is enough to meet the basic needs stress-free.

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