Are we as humans destroying the planet, or is this part of the history of nature?

We are seriously changing the world.We do not ruin the planet. We do make him quite uninhabitable for both humans and animals. Climate warming is quite complicated because there are a lot of things to play along. It is also very difficult to predict how big our impact is.

I will try to negate some frequently asked arguments to deny climate warming.

The fact is that the earth warms up.You can’t ignore that. Since the industrial Revolution, it has become much warmer.

I can tell you with certainty that the speed with which the earth has warmed up since the industrial revolution is unparalleled.

Below is a picture with the temperature of the Earth.

From this you can say that man does not play until the red Line begins.

An argument that many people make is that the earth is always changing temperature and so it is very natural that the Earth heats up.

However, look at the time scale well.

All the way to the left you have huge fluctuations but they also play out between periods of 100 millions of years.

The intermediate steps are getting smaller and our influence only starts to become clear in a very short period at the far right side of this graph.If you look closely you will see some points where the line style goes up. You can assume from me that the foot of this is the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. If you can’t see it correctly, enlarge the image if necessary.

Also 2 approximate points are indicated for 2050 and 2100 (at the far right).These are estimated temperatures of how hot it will be. You will now hopefully see that this is already a much more serious increase, compared to the long history of the earth temperature.

Now you need to know that this last increase takes place in a period of 1880 -2100, 220 years.So at 220 years time the temperature rises almost with the same large order as in the interval 200,000 -20,000. I hope I can make it clear that the speed with which the Earth heats up is truly unparalleled.

How can the Earth warm up when it gets colder in my backyard?

Although I have just shown all the data and you could already see that the temperature averaged warmer, this does not mean that it gets warmer anywhere in the world!…

You can clearly see that Mr. Trump is right to get colder in Louisiana.

Global warming also means average warming.If you look all over the world, it becomes warmer. However, a number of areas will also become colder. This is mainly due to the operation of the air currents.

Now I may have a long-standing breakthrough about that temperature, but it is very important to realise that the temperature increase will have a tremendous impact.This influence is quite difficult to estimate. There are a lot of positive and negative feedback systems that come into force that make it very difficult to estimate where we are within 100 years.

Eg: Ice has a high albedo.It reflects a large proportion of incoming heat rays. As the warming ice melts, more heat is absorbed by the earth that used to be reflected. The warming is accelerating.

However, you also have cases where warming is countered.Weird but where, for example, urbanization means that in Europe the last years of forest have been added.

Song et al 2018

In the bottom map are the green and blue areas where there is again forest scrub and the purple/orange areas show where forest and scrub disappears.

When you put everything together, there is about as much forest as you will get. It turns out that the more developed an area is and the more roads we build the more forest can grow anyway because people are going to work more and more in cities and so the forest is increasingly exhausting. 50 years ago the surface of the forest still drastically decreased in Asia. Because it has become more industrialised, it is now growing as it does in Europe. This is therefore a positive move towards the future. Knowing that every country in the world is developing more and more.

Co2 is also not the only problem when we talk about human influence on the earth.Deforestation, pollution, as well as other gases that we pump the atmosphere into,… Also play a role.

Everyone has meanwhile heard that by melting the ice caps the water rises and we lose land.CO2 in water also causes this water to be acidifies. This makes it impossible for many fish to survive. Entire marine ecosystems collapse.

There are many more consequences, but I am not going to mention them all.


The situation that will be in the future is very difficult to assess.

The earth is an enormously complex system and only the amount of CO2 we will have in the future depends on a lot of things, such as the population, to what extent certain countries are developed and a lot of positive and negative feedback systems.Just about every study that has been done indicates an increase in CO2 and an increase in the water level in the future. Size depends on so many variables that we can only get an image by devising different scenarios.

-Imagine the world is doing, where are we against 2100?

-Suppose we are going to pollute even more, where are we?

-And what if we are beautiful about the climate?

You need to know that even the best possible situation is not very rosy. Even if we now fully commit ourselves and make a 360 掳 turnaround with the whole world that is cooperating, even then the sea level will still rise.The speed of this will be much less fast and the extent more limited.


To really get a bit of a picture of how it all fits together, you should actually follow a geography course.

Which is unfortunate as this problem affects everyone.

I hope I have been able to give you a little insight into how it all fits together.I have not been able to give a lot of things but I found this answer to be far too long. I hope that it was somewhat clear anyway.


NoAA National Climatic Datacenter……

Song et al 2018


Geography: Interaction between man and Earth [HoorcollegeG0O12a -Prof. Dr. Gerard Govers

It is something else to use nature to live on, than to enforce nature’s powers technologically.

One who places a water wheel in a stream to grind grain, uses nature.Those who build a dam in a river have the power of nature through the reservoir.

The nature is not part of its history, but the beginning of a new history about the technical features of nature.This history is suddenly progressing on nature and the technique aims to control this future. This is completely new to humanity.

The planet and its nature will restore itself, but whether there is a place for us people in it, is the question.

Humanity is a self-endangered species.

Unless we are going to be a little wiser and yes that is best, but then we have to tell some powerful people that their harmful hassles must be over.People who have built hum of power and wealth on oil and gas mainly and tell us in all sorts of ways that this should be especially true and not different, etc. Etc.

The current warming is not second to none.Measurements suggest that at the end of the young Dryas the temperature increased 7 degrees in several years. That’s about 100 times faster than now.

From a certain point of view everything becomes history and makes man part of nature.

From a different point of view, we are fully helping the planet to its great.

Anyone who has not yet got it, has butter on its head.

Ha, we people who devastate the planet.

We humans are not so powerful, the only thing we destroy is our own biosphere.We deforest, pollute, consume our own ecosystem at a rapid pace, all to earn power and money. Which we are in the long run to suffer.

Once I heard a philosopher say that we humans are like yeast.Once yeast is in a food source he goes on food and as a by-product alcohol is created. He has eaten enough but keeps eating more so he eventually dies himself by his own alcohol and too little remaining food.

We people do the same we consume the earth and at the same time we create onzinige problems for short-term profit.(Wars, production, power/monies, pollution/overload of nature)

We people may be sitting at the top of the food chain but not above Mother Nature, we cannot destroy the Earth just our own ecosystem.The world is still running, the question is also with us?

Both.Climate change is of all time. The question now is to what extent nature itself plays a role, in addition to the effects of human action.

The climate changes.Millions of species are dying out. Very much for those involved. Maybe also for us ourselves.

But this is happening more often in nature.For example when photosynthesis arose. The release oxygen rowed nearly all other, older kinds out. However, the possibility arose for an even greater variety of wealth.

People are different from those unicellones in the sense that we can see those effects and in theory can take measures to ensure that we do not suffer too much.

Whether we are going to do that sufficiently will still have to prove.

I don’t know.Sometime I expect that man is inventive enough to cultivate the earth so that it continues to give the resources needed to allow man to survive, and to develop the knowledge and systems to deal with it well.

If that is not the way and we continue to foul our nest, nature is such that the growth of mankind has no place, I am convinced.The ‘ Grasshopper’s pests ‘ come naturally.

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