Are vegans and vegetarians proud of their lifestyle?

I’ve seen two types of answers here: one talking about vegetarian converts and the others who eat vegetarian food and look a little confused.But hardly anyone admits that there are a lot of different reasons to be vegetarian… So we shouldn’t lump all people who share an attribute (‘don’t eat meat’)!

Of course, there are vegetarians who feel superior to the rest of humanity and tie it to everyone’s nose.Of course, these are the loudest – you often just don’t get it from the rest. But there are a lot of vegetarians who just don’t like meat or have a meat allergy.Why would they be proud not to eat something they don’t like?
There are many who do not eat meat for religious reasons (e.g. some Hinduism orientations, Buddhism, but also Christianity).Perhaps they feel a certain pride in having the inner strength to follow their religion and to renounce their faith (as is the case with other things in many other religions – halal, fasting, celibacy,…). Here, too, there is different levels of pride.There are those who carry this pride in themselves and draw strength from it and are happier with themselves and their lives – and there are those who have to do my mission.
Some people certainly do it for social reasons – it’s ‘hipp’ in the group of friends, you can ‘morally put yourself above others’ or something like that.These are probably the most likely people who would call vegetarian diet ‘lifestyle’…
And then there are a lot of people who put the welfare of animals, nature, or future generations above their own needs – at least in terms of food.Perhaps some of them feel a similar pride to the people who do it for religious reasons. To follow his own morality (because absolute morality does not exist) finally has some similarities to religion. Here, too, there are certainly some missionaries.

In other words, there are many reasons why people don’t eat meat.Few would probably consider this a ‘lifestyle’. Presumably, most vegetarians carry a form of pride – to have the strength to follow. And then there are the people who care about GAAAANZ that the whole world is proud of them. By the way: There are also among the meat eaters. How many “men’s conversations” I’ve heard, where it was just about who is “male” because it ate more meat at once – and was proud of it…

People who need other people to be proud of them are everywhere.Unfortunately, it is not so easy to classify – by means all the a) are also b). Most of the time it is a bit more complex.

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