Are undercover narcissists good at hiding their double lives?

There is something to say,

(one and a half decades gives me the right to say it out loud)

They suck when they hide their double life.They (you, me, we) were either blind or paralyzed. You saw it, you heard it, you know it, you were paralyzed… you have done nothing about it.

Let me tell you why:

It is in the nature of abuse.This is how the escalation of abuse works when Adolf Hitler said:

“The best way to take control of people and fully control them is to take a little of their freedom to undermine the rights through a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions.In this way, people don’t see your rights until they’re at the point where these changes can’t be undone.”

You see when someone takes a bit of freedom every day by pretending love, hiding under their skin, caring and cold, careless and reckless about your feelings.It’s hard to see the big picture.

That’s what they do, they take a bite of your freedom from time to time and you’re already devalued and addicted here.After the love bomb phase, you are a willing participant and your doors are wide open to take more shit. more abuse, more mindfuck as long as you take your pill, your heroin (your little love bones).

This cycle is inherently abusive, it is not planned, it is not intended, and it is not so wise to trust me (it is inherently abusive when it asks his body for dopamine after cortisol) ass has nothing to do with it, they are not damn einsteins, but that’s how trauma bonds are formed.

To tell you who they really are (personal opinion): They are not normal people, rather like the spiritual self, not funny (zero humor), fragile, needy, greedy and selfish (I found it hard to laugh at their jokes 90) % of the cases), but I had to show a few laughs, otherwise she will be damnoffed.I always saw the mask slipped, but I did nothing, I always saw the manipulation, the double life and I did nothing, I always saw the changed attitude and I did nothing, I always saw the fact that I could be replaced at any time I did nothing , I always say that I do not have their priority and have done nothing.

Are they good at hiding their double life: Well, I can tell you, if you took the submissive hormones out of my body at the time, I would have caught them a thousand times and turned their backs on her, but what kept me from it was the addiction itself, sometimes I had Fear of seeing the truth because I was afraid of losing my care as well.

But to tell you that they can hide well?

No, I was the better one if I hide behind my fear and have an eye for the truth, and pretend it is not there, the truth that I had to fear.And the truth that I was a coward to call her because of her late answers, cold and mute treatment.

Back to the question:

Can they hide well?

True, they are insidious, but we were afraid to see it.

Bassel Chibani

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