Are there people who think that all forms of paganism are correct?

In fact, I think that all forms of religiosity are correct.Or, in the words of Herman Philipse: All equally true, so all not true.

Now, in theory, forms of paganism could surpass all the deists, theists and dowsing runners in being correct.But not all forms of paganism, because for that there is too much superstition among us gentiles.

Bar in your own eye

I think you find few followers among the Gentiles who find it ethically acceptable to sacrifice children, to trade women as cattle or to drugging people into zombies in certain occult rituals.Turned around I can ask the question as a Christian: are all forms of Christianity correct? Unfortunately, Western Christianity is thus corrupted into the religious-industrial Complex, by emphasizing Greek thinking in theology.

From evangelical left to reformed right I see the religion as Christ as Idol instead of Christ and true love.We have a religious culture where we hide, our identity instead of Jesus. Where Protestants criticize their Catholic relatives Mary statues, they idolize the Cathechismus, forms and their own traditions: how Bible-Faithful they call themselves, the deeper in idolatry of religion.

Alas, each are golden calf.The Evangelischen Worship Israel and the end time, the Reformatorischen their theology and Sunday Sanctification, where Rome is replaced by Wittenberg, and the pope by theologians in camps. The Pentecostal movement is groveling at miracles and spiritual washes, while waving with fateful flags and American tirades, the sobriety raping.

Jesus himself speaks rather about neither Samaria nor Jerusalem.These places call the Galatian letter also called Mount Sinai, Mount Hagar. God find and serve in spirit and truth, not in a ecclesiastical club and spiritual masturbation of the own equal and idolatry of ecclesiastical culture. And many believe to be the free daughters and sons of God, instead of Hagars children.

Therefore, I thank my God and father that I can work outside the church.

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